Sandii Palermo

Sandii has been a Hridaya teacher since 2017. She sees herself as a being who is in the world but not of the world. Embracing the diversity of her soul, Sandii is originally from Australia with Italian roots and honors the heart of the Mexican spirit living in Mazunte at Hridaya Mexico.

Sandii began the quest “know thyself” at a young age, entering a profound inner journey that led to traveling the globe seeking answers to what life is and “Who am I?” After traveling, backpacking, doing vipassana silent retreats, going deep into the Hatha Yoga practice, living in temples, and opening to the shamanic tradition of Thai massage, she finally found Hridaya, a feeling of coming back home.

Since 2016, she has participated in modules, retreats, the Karma Yoga program, the HTTC, the 49-day retreat, teaching, and receiving the guidance of Sahajananda, the founder of Hridaya.

In an aspiration to deepen in service of the Heart, she studied to become a specialist in holistic psychotherapy and counseling through Metavision Institute. She also entered a feminine mystery school, The Institute of Feminine Arts, doing a 9-month womb awakening apprenticeship and continuing with the teacher training to facilitate the blossoming of womb wisdom.

Sandii is a passionate Hridaya Yoga teacher, a holistic psychotherapist, and a womb awakening practitioner. She is an adept of ancient knowledge and venerates the schools of True Wisdom. She offers 1-on-1 sessions in person and online, group sessions and retreats, joining the wisdom of the Heart and womb, yogic philosophy, and process-oriented psychology.

Contact Sandii:

WhatsApp: +61 416 028 042