The Hridaya Yoga Center offers a vibrant series of workshops aimed at supplementing our course program by allowing the space to go deeper into different aspects of the teachings. Each workshop provides a unique experience that supports a more profound application of the practices in daily life. At Hridaya Yoga, we do not seek to bring spirituality into daily life, but daily life into spirituality.

A Variety of Workshops

The Hridaya Yoga Center generally offers one workshop per month. We vary the topics of the workshops to suit the interest and needs of our students. Most of our workshops are 3-day events, however we sometimes offer special 1-day or 5-day events.

If your interest lies in gaining more awareness in your relationships, check out our Conscious Loving and Tantra Is Bliss workshops.

If you have ever wanted to learn more about the tradition of the 10 Cosmic Wisdoms, Tantric Rituals may be just what you have been seeking.

And, if you long to transcend the boundaries of the ego and consciously live every moment, take a look at our Art of Awareness and From Pain to Peace workshops.

Please see our workshop calendar for more information or to make a booking. If you have any questions about our workshop series or other current offerings, please email us at