The Hridaya Yoga Vision

Sharing the Teachings of the Heart

Hridaya Yoga was founded from a deep yearning to share the message of the Heart with ever more people. At our centers, we transmit non-dual yogic teachings formally—via silent meditation retreats, yoga courses, and workshops—and informally—through daily life in a vibrant community of people dedicated to living with an Open Heart. In this way, we help those searching for meaning discover their inner Self and experience the love, self-confidence, freedom, and joy of a life lived from the Heart.

There is no copyright on the Heart, and we offer these teachings in the spirit of selfless service. Although we must cover certain costs in order to run full-time yoga and meditation retreat centers, Hridaya Yoga is a non-profit organization committed to offering teachings to everyone, regardless of financial situation. We provide scholarships, donation-based courses, volunteer opportunities, and free events to support a broad spectrum of people.

The Self-Inquiry Teachings of Ramana Maharshi

At Hridaya, Ramana Maharshi is our revered spiritual master. He represents an embodiment of the Spiritual Heart itself, a manifestation of the Supreme Reality that is our True Nature. His simple and profound teachings tenderly awaken a stream of unconditional love and inner silence that flows directly from the core of existence.

Hridaya Community Vision
Offering a Space to Connect with Your Innermost Self, the Heart

Our centers are authentic spiritual communities in which daily life flows naturally from the awareness of the Self, supporting everyone in going deeper in their experience of Truth. If you have a sincere longing to practice, learn, and evolve alongside other seekers, you are invited to join us.

Vision on Tantra and Sexuality
Embracing the Sacredness of Sexuality

The journey of Self-revelation can be naturally integrated into all aspects of life, including sexuality—which affords exceptional opportunities for spiritual transformation. We’ll offer you a more spiritual view on sexuality and relationships, creating a safe space to explore the depths of Love.

Welcoming Your Unique Aspiration, Creativity, and Spontaneity

Hridaya Yoga is accessible to all, regardless of age, physical condition, or previous experience with meditation and yoga. In our classes, you’ll be guided to attune to your inner wisdom so you can directly experience the truth of the teachings. We take into account the uniqueness of each student. So, whether you are just beginning your explorations or have been on the spiritual path for decades, you’ll find a home with us.