Transformative Yoga

& Meditation Retreats


The basis of our practice is Self-Inquiry. That means asking yourself “Who am I?” and opening to what arises. Our 3- and 10-day silent meditation retreats are an ideal first step for this inner communion.


Hridaya Hatha Yoga is a beautiful synthesis of asanas, activation of the chakras, meditation, and awareness. Our Module 1 yoga retreat invites you to experience this practice while learning about yogic philosophy.


Joining one of our workshops lets you explore inspiring spiritual subjects in an accessible, practical way. With many topics to choose from, you’re sure to find something that kindles your enthusiasm. Curious?


Share your spirit of service with our community by volunteering as a Karma Yogi. You’ll find that surrounding yourself with others on the same path makes the journey easier and a lot more fun.

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Are You Looking for More?

Maybe you’ve been doing yoga and meditation for years. Maybe you’re still not sure what they are. But something inside you is saying: “It’s time!” It’s time to make a change. Time to stop living in ways that don’t fulfill you. Time to ask the big questions and figure out who you really are.

At Hridaya, we understand you—because we’ve been there. That nagging voice of yearning has spoken to us, too. We know it as the call of the Heart, and its wisdom infuses everything we do. When you meditate or practice yoga with us, you aren’t just moving your body or taming your mind. You’re beginning a journey of discovery that will transform your life—connecting you to yourself in ways you never imagined and making you happier, calmer, and more compassionate along the way.

Join us on this journey. It’s more than time.



Experience Real Yoga

Yoga is much more than just physical postures—it’s a science of transformation. At Hridaya, our teachings are based on traditional spiritual principles and shared in a way that is accessible to everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced practitioner, they’ll support you in getting a deeper perspective on your inner experience. You’ll begin to disconnect from the stories of the mind and ego and reconnect with the spirit within.



Feel at Home

Do you long for a place to not only practice yoga but to feel at home? Hridaya is a thriving spiritual community full of open-hearted people seeking to integrate daily life into their yoga practice. When you visit our centers in France and Mexico, you are welcomed into our community—just as you are. This integration of teachings and community provides the ideal foundation for genuine metamorphosis.



Connect to Love

“Hridaya” means Spiritual Heart and refers to the very core of your being. You may know it as God, the Self, atman, or any number of other names. But whatever you call it, it’s what’s calling you to look inward. The teachings we share in our meditation and yoga retreats and that form the basis of our community are all rooted in the Heart. Following them will guide you to your own experience of its Love, which is the most intimate feeling of home.

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“‘Who am I’ is not a mystery to be solved, but a mystery to live with.”




Claud Vaduva

Since 2005, Claud has dedicated his life entirely to spiritual matters. This came as a culmination of many intersecting circumstances and tributary interests that he had cultivated since childhood. In 2007, he met Sahajananada, and in 2011, he joined the Hridaya Yoga mission.

Antoaneta Gotea

Antoaneta has been on a lifelong spiritual journey. Having studied Raja Yoga, Kashmir Shaivism, Tibetan Buddhism, and her beloved Mahavidya Yoga, she has been sharing the yogic teachings since 1997. She is a pillar of the Hridaya Community in France.

Simona Trandafir

Simona has been a spiritual teacher since 1985. She dedicates her entire life to opening people’s hearts towards the inherent beauty of existence. This is what she was called to do when she was 12, and she continues her mission.


Sahajananda, the founder of Hridaya Yoga, is a devoted practitioner of Self-Inquiry. He has taught meditation and Hatha Yoga for over 35 years. A loving and joyful presence, he shares the non-dual teachings at our centers in France and Mexico.

Arnaud Philibert

As a child, Arnaud was passionate about history and spirituality. That led him to walk the Camino of Santiago and to explore ancient and sacred places. In 2007, after an intense period of practicing Tantra Yoga and Tibetan Buddhism, he met Sahajananda and began studying with him.

Enrique Fedez

Enrique is an international meditation and yoga teacher, member of the Hridaya Yoga community, and founder of Casa Hridaya in Mexico City. He invites his students to perceive the world from the Heart in order to deepen the experience of Being.

Luna Cabasés Corral

Originally from Spain, Luna teaches with the certainty that life can be lived from the Heart, in full openness, and with a loving desire for all sentient beings to reveal their real nature, to come into the fullness of who they truly are.
photo of kyle brooks

Kyle Brooks

Kyle’s spiritual seeking and aspiration to find a deeper truth began when he was just a 15-year-old boy studying Buddhism in England. He met Sahajananda in 2013 and connected very deeply with the non-dual teachings. He teaches and leads retreats at our center in Mexico.

Alison Bond

Upon finding Hridaya Yoga in 2012, Alison knew she had discovered a school sharing authentic yogic teachings. Since that time, she has dedicated herself to exploring the deep reality that yoga and meditation point toward.

Xavier Lequarré

In 2006, Xavier became almost blind. Realizing that what he was seeking externally could be found in the inner realm, he simultaneously recovered his sight and started practicing yoga. He has been teaching at our centers in Mexico and France since 2017.

Gesine Leicht

Gesine finds the Hridaya teachings a well of personal transformation and a fountain of freedom. Since becoming a teacher in 2015, sharing the non-dual vision has been a joyful passion. Her life’s purpose is to seek the Heart of each moment.


Estelle found her way into spirituality through movement and dance. In 2018, her longing to deepen her practice and share it with others led her to become a Hridaya teacher. She currently teachers in English and French at our center in Longeval.
People at Hridaya Yoga are absolutely beautiful, deeply knowledgable, and unbelievably open-hearted. Their method of teaching is phenomenal, and I would wholeheartedly tell everyone I know to go to Hridaya for the silent retreat! It will make an inspirational change in your life.
I have to warn you about Hridaya. If you put a foot in their courses… you will stay with them for life. I listened to my heart for the first time here, and it is still whispering in my ears… Your life changes when the heart opens… This is what happens at Hridaya: the heart becomes the guide for your life.
You don’t have to agree with everything said, investigate for yourself, but if you come with an open mind, then be ready to leave with an open heart.
Hridaya is all about the people! It’s so inspiring, very peaceful, and dynamic. I would even say I’ve never experienced so much love at once. You are seen and not judged for what/who you are (or are not). I came without any expectation and discovered the passion for yoga, rituals, and also rediscovered more self-love.
I think the only place you might find more support is with your family! That’s what I felt here, like part of a big family. All the teachers were always happy to talk and listen.
The community is very welcoming and accepting and it is a safe place both physically and emotionally.
Hridaya offers the most holistic and authentic programs for yoga and meditation I’ve found. The depth the practices bring you to is profound, and the shining faces of all the community members are a testament to the virtue of this path. I feel grateful to have found this school and for the way these teachings have re-inspired and rejuvenated my yoga practice and spiritual path.
I was expecting an intensive yoga course—which is what I got—but I wasn’t expecting to learn so much about myself, my mind, body, and heart. Thank you.
I learned to meditate, deeply and truly. I witnessed my thoughts and patterns with more clarity than ever before.
I felt very welcome. The staff, teachers, karma yogis and other students have all been welcoming and loving. No fake people here. Such a beautiful community! I was honored to be a part of it and will be back!
Beyond anything words can describe, beautiful, life-changing, a remarkable gift to the soul.