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Take Your First Step on the Path of the Spiritual Heart

At Hridaya Yoga, we invite you to live with an Open Heart and discover your life’s potential. Through meditation sessions, Hatha Yoga classes, silent meditation retreats, and daily life awareness practices, we share a path for the revelation of the Self and a way to live a life of joy, compassion, and gratitude. This is the path of the Spiritual Heart.

Experience Hridaya Meditation

Hridaya Meditation is based on the Indian tradition of Advaita Vedanta, as taught by the great 20th-century sage Ramana Maharshi and shared by Sahajananda, one of the leading meditation teachers in the world today. This practice gives a higher perspective on your own inner experience. It brings freedom from your mind’s turmoil and reconnection with the primordial nature of awareness, which is spaciousness and love.

Discover Authentic Yoga

Hridaya Hatha Yoga is a unique style developed by Sahajananda. It presents traditional spiritual principles in a manner that is accessible to modern practitioners. Although the way we practice yoga strengthens and stretches the body, it emphasizes calmness, cultivating awareness, and energetic balance. In a beautiful synthesis of asanas, meditation, and awareness, physical practice becomes a blissful expansion of consciousness.

Our transformative Hridaya Yoga Retreats, a series that begins with the 21-day Module 1 Intensive, offer you a powerful introduction to the principles and practices of traditional Hatha Yoga and meditation.

Retreat in the Peace of Your Inner Being

Our 3– and 10-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreats give you the opportunity to develop a deeper and more intimate connection with the Spiritual Heart, the very core of your being. This awareness allows you to enjoy happiness and peace wherever you are, no matter the conditions.

Our retreats allow you to directly experience the profound inner transformation that meditation brings. During your time in silence, you will explore many aspects of the Spiritual Heart. Practices are drawn from a variety of traditions, including yoga, Buddhism, and Sufism. No previous meditation or yoga experience is necessary to benefit from a retreat.

We warmly invite you to join us on the path of the Spiritual Heart!

About Hridaya Yoga

Hridaya Yoga’s main center is located in Mazunte, Oaxaca, Mexico. It is a welcoming space for all those who would like to integrate daily life into spirituality. Come visit us for silent meditation retreats or yoga retreats, one of our heart-opening workshops, or our 3-month, 500-hour Teacher Training Course.

We are currently developing Hridaya Yoga France, which will soon open as Ramana Village. This expansive and secluded property will be a refuge for those who want to practice open-hearted living in both a formal and informal way.

The Hridaya teachings are also shared around the world by our international teachers. You can check out our International Events Calendar to find a course near you.

Join Us in France!

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Hridaya Yoga Teachings Available

To share the teachings of the Heart we offer the Dictionary of the Ineffable and the Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 Intensive for sale on Amazon. Both present esoteric information in an accessible way and offer insights on the path to the revelation of the Self.