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The Heart Space

The Heart Space in Australia offers Hridaya Yoga and Meditation Retreats, courses and drop-in classes and private sessions.

Location: Newcastle, Australia
Teacher: Tamara Coughlan

Spanda School

Spanda School is the Hridaya Yoga branch in Perth, Australia located in a lush urban artists’ warehouse in Fremantle. We have provided a beautiful community space where beginners and advanced practitioners can come and enjoy the teachings of the Heart. We offer Hridaya Hatha Yoga, 6-week Hridaya Meditation Courses and Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreats.



Atmanjali Yoga

Atmanjali Yoga in Vienna, Austria offers Hridaya Yoga and Meditation retreats, courses, and drop-in classes. They also provide private sessions in business environments.

Location: Vienna, Austria
Teacher: Christina Rettenwender


Anuttara Ashram

Anuttara Ashramis an off-grid, spiritually intentioned community tucked in the mountains of the sacred Nass Valley, BC, Canada. A team of aspirants has co-created an inspirational space of spiritual dedication and growth. As an ongoing initiative, Hridaya Yoga Classes, Meditations and Retreats are provided, as well as a transformative Karma Yoga Program.

In the stillness of the Nass, Nirav brings the Hridaya teachings of Sahajananda into every day life at Anuttara. Surrounded by old growth forest, mountains, waterfalls and cliffs, days are filled with karma yoga opportunities, meditation, hatha yoga, relevant teachings, Q&A’s and a simple “back to basics” lifestyle. Food served is vegetarian/vegan, accommodations are in cabins, dormitories and/or tents. There is a maximum of 25 participants. Book your space now!


Lotus Heart Centre

The property is located at 448 Old Wooler Rd., near the town of Brighton Ontario; only 8 minutes north of the 401 in the scenic rolling hills of Northumberland County. The land consists of 20 acres with walking trails, a small pond, a few freshwater springs, and has an oversized in-ground pool for those wanting a refreshing swim.

The Lotus Heart Centre is open and available to all individuals of diverse religious or spiritual backgrounds and traditions; for those seeking a spiritual path, and for those who have yet to realize that they are seeking something, “That” something which is already within their Being: their own “True Nature.”

The Lotus Heart Centre is also a place for those who simply wish to get away from everyday stresses and need a peaceful environment to rest, relax, and rejuvenate at the level of the mind, body, and soul.

The Lotus Heart Centre is a member of the Hridaya Yoga family of meditation centers opening in various countries around the world. Hridaya Yoga and meditation classes will be offered on a weekly basis to guests and those from the local community who wish to attend. Hridaya Yoga lectures and retreats will also be held on a frequent basis; the dates will appear on our events calendar.

The yoga hall, guest rooms, and wellness spa are modern, spacious, and provide an excellent atmosphere to allow the Heart to open, the energy to flow and transformation to occur.

The Lotus Heart Centre offers accommodations for bed and breakfast, yoga and meditation retreats, workshops, and special events. There are extra rooms available to accommodate larger groups if required.

The meals are strictly vegetarian; vegan or raw food meal plans are also available. For those wishing to host their own event or program the center is available for rent, with or without a meal plan. Alcohol, smoking, and pets are not permitted out of respect for others.



The Hermitage

The Hermitage Guatemala: A Practitioner’s Retreat Center

Founded by two Hridaya teachers, Emma and Severin, The Hermitage is a retreat center on the breathtaking shores of Lake Atitlán, Guatemala. They offer charming cabins for individual retreats from five to forty-nine days on their quiet permaculture property right on the lake. They have lovingly built a beautiful Dark Retreat that is now available for solo retreats. They offer regular workshops on conscious cooking, living off-grid, dark retreat meditation, and more to come…

Practitioners may choose a retreat of any length, from a minimum of five days up to several months. They can structure their daily schedule according to their own interests and experience. The Hermitage recommends a commitment to silence for the length of stay and welcomes all practices and traditions.

All solo and dark retreats are supported with delicious and wholesome vegetarian meals each day, and access to an excellent home library of spiritual books. Also available are individual guided meditation or yoga classes and one-on-one retreat guidance.

The Hermitage is an off-grid retreat center that supports and maintains permaculture gardens and sustainable living solutions.



The Inner Peace Sanctuary Tuscany

The Inner Peace Sanctuary was created out of a deep love for being at home with Silence, Stillness, and Nature. Tucked away deep in the magical forests of Tuscany, the Sanctuary is an ideal intimate yogi refuge and an environment facilitating a deepening of mindfulness, awareness, and one’s resting in the “ease-ness” of their True Nature.

The Sanctuary is an over 200-year old typical (and incredibly charming) farmhouse, offering facilities for practice, including a separate, specially designed Dark Room available for solo retreats of varying lengths.

The space holds a maximum of 15 people, in both private and shared rooms. It offers cozy communal and practice spaces, gorgeous views of the valley below (all the way to the sea—50 km away), a beautiful spiritual library, vegetarian/vegan meals to write home about, and an abundant fruit and chestnut forest all around. 🙂

For many years, founders Arpita and Arjuna ran Mahadevi Ashram in Guatemala, and have recently transitioned back to Europe. It is their heart’s joy to facilitate a culture of connection and community, so the Sanctuary holds communal evening activities: wood-fired Finnish sauna nights, spiritual home cinema, kirtan, and more.

Trips around gorgeous Tuscany are also available as the Sanctuary is only an hour away from Florence and Pisa, with many gorgeous Tuscan Borgos (fortified hill towns) nearby.

Our Offerings Include:

  • Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreats
  • Hatha Yoga courses and retreats
  • Dark Room Retreats (for advanced individual immersion of shorter or longer duration)
  • Bhajan and kirtan circles and immersions (mantra singing)
  • Karma Yoga opportunities (one-month minimum commitment)
  • Workshops and special events



Kamala Yoga and Meditation Center

The Kamala Center was founded in 1995 by Liviu Gheorghe and Simona Trandafir. Lectures on spirituality, natural therapies, parapsychology seminars, the first exhibition of yoga and astrology in Romania, the first herbal stores in Brasov, and assistance and advice in these domains were organized by the Kamala Center from the very beginning. There was constant activity to promote and support the practice of yoga and spirituality.

In 1995, the Kamala Publishing House was also born, and many valuable books about spirituality, natural therapy, and personal development were printed. After almost 20 years, we continue to practice and communicate with all who are interested in spirituality and transformation and who, in turn, seek to discover the wonder and sacredness of being.

In 2007, Kamala became Kamala Yoga and Meditation Center and its co-founders are Liviu Gheorghe, Simona Trandafir, Sahajananda, Sebastian Teodor, and Veronica Cernat. After the Romanian Revolution of 1989, we met and we all became friends. Even then, we had the same beliefs and spiritual aspirations. We thought deeply and wanted to show others that it is possible to live life in a wonderful way, enjoying all that it provides. We knew we could be more, that we could improve and transform body, mind, and spirit to gain a feeling of daily miracles. We realized that without God, nothing is possible. We knew that yoga practice profoundly and authentic transforms people and this was an essential prerequisite to unite our aspirations, to fulfill our dreams, and to help others discover the beauty and the wonder of their existence.

Hridaya Yoga has been the fundamental practice at the Kamala Center since 2007. In 2007, we organized the first-ever Hridaya Meditation Retreat with Sahajananda. Since then, we have held twice-yearly 10-day Hridaya Meditation Retreats with Sahajananda and other retreats during the year with the other teachers from Kamala.

Currently, the Kamala Center offers the following activities:
  • Hridaya Yoga classes and lectures for beginners and advanced yogis
  • Classes for initiations in parapsychology
  • Classes of meditation practice
  • Lectures about spiritual themes
  • Training and advice on harmonizing male and female energies
  • Advice on these areas: spirituality, natural therapies, astrology, yoga, and parapsychology
  • Publishing books in these same areas
  • Yoga classes for seniors
  • Yoga and meditation for feminine harmony
  • Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreats
  • HTTC 200–Hridaya Meditation and Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course in Romanian

At the Kamala Yoga and Meditation Center, the activities are made in the spirit of Hridaya Yoga. By this, we aspire to live in the heart, the Supreme Reality, in God (but God felt beyond all religious concepts and definitions). In this way, we achieve oneness with all Life. Our vision is based on the philosophy of Advaita, the essential unity of all existence. We start from the premise that everything in the universe is an embodiment of the Supreme. Consciousness is revealed in each of us as Atman, the Spiritual Heart, the source of freedom, spontaneity, and our deepest happiness. Hridaya Yoga is our fundamental practice and it is based on traditional principles and spiritual visions. The methods used are mainly: Hridaya meditation, concentration techniques, calming the mind, and hatha yoga.



Suryamandala Yoga

Suryamandala Yoga welcomes you to experience the benefits of practicing yoga and meditation in a pure, natural environment. Located one hour northeast of Barcelona on a rural finca in the midst of endless forests, long-time Hridaya Yoga teacher Kilian Hübinger offers one-week Hridaya Hatha Yoga retreats—a beautiful opportunity to get a first glimpse of Hridaya’s offerings as well as to deepen your existing practice.

Kilian and the small community living at “TierraLuz” also offer support for solitary retreats in the forest, providing camping equipment, food, and sanitary facilities. They also welcome Karma Yogis who are interested in learning about more sustainable ways of living in harmony with the Earth.



Satya Sattva, Florida

Founded by dedicated Hridaya teacher Adina (Saraswati Devi), Satya Sattva is a mind and body wellness center, a spiritual and esoteric study group, and a school of thought. We offer regular classes and workshops in Yoga and Meditation, and philosophy teachings in the Hindu, Sufi, Shaivite, Daoist, Buddhist, Christian, and Judaism traditions. We organize classes and retreats in several cities in North Florida and Florida’s Space Coast (Fernandina Beach, Jacksonville City, Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, Green Cove Springs, Titusville, and Merritt Island). While most of our classes are open to the public, we also offer customized programs for organized communities, schools, and institutions, as well as special needs groups–such as the elderly, ASD children (Autism Spectrum Disorders), and at-risk populations in need of recovery and rehabilitation.

Website: Satya Sattva Studio
Adina’s alchemy research thesis: “The Elixir of Life – Across History and World Cultures”

Hridaya Northwest

Hridaya Northwest is dedicated to offering silent retreats and Hridaya-inspired spiritual teachings to awaken the Spiritual Heart. We offer three-, four-, and five-day Hridaya Silent Meditation and Yoga Retreats seasonally in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (May, September, and New Year’s).

Retreat leaders Grace Bryant and Dianna Heston have over a decade of experience supporting silent retreats and leading yoga and meditation. Our retreats hold participants in a container of loving silence, guided teachings, and practices to awaken the Spiritual Heart, daily meditation, and meditative yoga, all designed to connect you through body, heart, and mind to your deeper Self.

A silent retreat is a kick-start to profound transformation, slowing down, and learning how to enjoy every minute of life. A retreat is for anyone craving time to themselves, inner transformation, and to experience what meditation can bring to their life. It sets you up for a committed personal practice and a road map to letting go.

Practices are accessible for beginning and experienced meditators alike. You’ll learn how to listen to deeper parts of yourself with daily yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, daily life contemplation, spiritual curiosity, compassion, and intentional integration.

You can find information about upcoming retreats here and yoga classes here.