The Power of Deep Listening

By Beata Kucienska An elderly man came to the library; he seemed to be bothered by something. I stopped my work and gave him my total attention. His discontentment was justified, and I couldn’t do much to help him. I simply listened to him. Somehow, the conversation evolved from personal to universal topics. Together, we […]

49 Day Silent Meditation Hridaya Yoga

All Life Is Sacred: A Reflection on the 49-Day Silent Meditation Retreat

By Beata Kucienska “Where is the door to sacredness?,” I asked the Heart. The answer came when I was watching some birds during a sunset walk: “Sacredness is the simplicity of life.” During the 49-Day Silent Meditation Retreat, I often had the feeling that sacredness was just a breath away… waiting for me with infinite […]

Seven Weeks in a Silent Meditation Retreat: A Song of the Heart

A Reflection on the 49-Day Prathyabhijna Retreat By Beata Kucienska The trees are wavering between life and death. They are touching the ineffable. They grow somewhere between time and the timeless. They guide me beyond myself. In this house made of hard matter, windows to wonderland appear. Silence is a broom that sweeps away the […]

The Spine of the Night

The Dark Night of the Soul: When Fear Becomes a Blessing

By Beata Kucienska   “Oh, night that guided me, Oh, night more lovely than the dawn, Oh, night that joined Beloved with lover, Lover transformed in the Beloved!” –St. John of the Cross   Before the first taste of awakening, human life is driven by constant, underground fear. Most of our actions are aimed at […]

Inner Transformation: Where Are You in the Journey?

By Beata Kucienska The Story of Inner Transformation The great stories cherished by humanity contain the essence of life. The most unforgettable stories are those that express the deepest pains and longings of the human heart. We read and watch these stories to connect to ourselves, to feel what is hiding behind the masks of […]

The Wound of Love: Our Guide Home

By Beata Kucienska   During the 49-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat, the penetrating question “What does it mean to be human?” was ever present in my heart. Ironically, a deep answer to this question came through the story of my cat Lilus. Antoaneta, my teacher and neighbor, found Lilus on a Mazunte street. When she […]

lester levenson an insight on love

Guardians of the Heart: My Experience in the Yazidi Refugee Camp

By Beata Kucienska My Experience in the Yazidi Refugee Camp in Greece People in the Yazidi refugee camp look straight into your eyes. They can do it for minutes. As if they weren’t ashamed of anything. As if they had nothing to hide. Their eyes are like big, quiet mirrors… sheets of mild water… windows […]

hridaya advaita ramana meditation hero

A Walk Beyond Darkness: Transforming Suffering by Opening to Light

By Beata Kucienska “I said: ‘What about my heart?’ God said: ‘Tell me what you hold inside it.’ I said: ‘Pain and sorrow.’ God said: ‘Stay with it. The wound is the place where the Light enters you.’” -Rumi Once, I read a story about a little horse that was staying in a warm and […]

walking into the unknown

Walking into the Unknown

A Taste of the Void By Beata Kucienska At first, walking into the unknown was about letting go the external branches: the love relationship, the job, and the project of buying my own apartment. Then, it felt like walking on water… or floating in the clouds. Who am I without all this? A dance between […]

the truth behind the curtain

The Truth Behind the Curtain: A 49-Day Retreat Experience

By Beata Kucienska   Come. This is your journey into the Heart. The most important one you can ever make. You will travel behind the masks that you have built during your whole life. You will be walking deeper and deeper into yourself. You will cross the darkness; you will go through fear and pain. […]