Hridaya Hatha Yoga Practice App

Practice at Home Guided by the Voice of Sahajananda

Available for iOS

Free! For a Limited Time

Experience the Joy of Home Practice

If you’re seeking support for your home practice, look no further than the Hridaya Hatha Yoga Practice App. Offered free for iOS (Android version in development), the app features Hatha Yoga sessions guided by the gentle voice of Hridaya’s founder Sahajananda.


Preset Sessions:

  • Created by experienced teachers, these sessions each have a central theme. Choose to focus on developing vitality, determination, clarity, open-heartedness, strength, flexibility, and more.
  • Each preset session has three variations, of approximately 30, 60, and 120 minutes, so you can easily fit the practice into your schedule.

Personalized Sessions:

  • Customize sessions by selecting only the techniques you want to practice.
  • Choose the session duration and difficulty level.
  • Select your preferred level of audio guidance—from comprehensive instructions to just the technique name and an indication of when to come out of it.
  • Fine-tune the session by modifying the length of practice for individual techniques.