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The 7 Nafs with Sahajananda

Recordings of the Online satsangs on the 7 Nafs with Sahajananda

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According to Sufi mystical psychology, the seven nafs represent stages in the development of a soul’s spiritual unfolding.

Understanding these stages accurately objectifies our moral compass and karmic tendencies. Being true to ourselves is the most tremendous force we can engage to uncover the contractions of our souls. Through these satsangs, we’ll become more aware of our dominant level of consciousness and the characteristics of the more elevated domains to which we aspire.

In the holistic space of the Spiritual Heart, such stages may coexist as virtual dimensions of our being, as archetypal tendencies of the human soul, which must be purified.
Thus, we’ll learn more specific tools for inner transformation. Ultimately, any glimpse of Pure Consciousness can remove the veils of limitation that darken our hearts. For this reason, Hridaya Meditation, Self-Inquiry, is a universal remedy. At the same time, the practices we’ll offer as therapies for each of the lower stages integrate methods from Classical Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Tantra, Jnana Yoga, and, of course, Sufism.

Grounded in the Hridaya teachings on Spanda, the Sacred Tremor of the Heart, we’ll learn about the Divine Names as spiritual remedies reflected as qualities in our hearts. The meaning of such uplifting qualities is within us, and their acknowledgment and invocation bring out that cosmic significance hidden in our souls. Since the Heart contains a complete sampling of the entire universe of qualities, diving into this inner domain of the soul liberates knowledge.

Like the Ten Great Cosmic Wisdoms in Tantra, the Names are doorways to the Supreme.

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