The need to come back to Meditation – Kena Upanishad

The student asks, ‘Where do my thoughts come from? How did my life begin? Where do my words come from? Who is this Brahman, this Supreme Spirit who sees through my eyes, and hears through my ears?’

The teacher replies, ‘It is the Supreme Spirit that exists in all that lives. If we can rise above our senses and our conscious mind and realize that we are really one with all beings, we become immortal. We have heard wise enlightened beings say that there are no answers to be found other than within ourselves. This Supreme Spirit is none other than you.

‘If you think you know this Supreme Spirit, then you really don’t, because what you know is only your mind. So you must keep meditating.’

The student says, ‘I can’t really say if I know Him or not.’

The teacher answers, ‘If we believe we know, we don’t. If we believe we don’t know, we probably do. It’s a mistake to think that we know what this Supreme Spirit is from intellectual understanding; it is beyond rational knowledge. When we have reached a deep state of meditation, we overcome the thoughts that tell us that we are a body that is born and will die, and are able to connect ourselves to the Supreme Spirit that goes beyond death. If we find that higher power, we find the ultimate truth, but if not we live in darkness and fear.’

When we forget that we are the Supreme Spirit and find our minds thinking about things we desire, feeling anger, hatred or other negative emotions, and try to will life to be the way we want it to be, we have to come back to our meditation. It is through this meditation and connection to the higher powers of life that we find peace, acceptance and love — love for ourselves, love for others and in intimate connection to all living things.

It is only through meditation and prayer that we can live in selfless service to the world and understand the truth of the universe.