• Let’s crush the space between us, embracing each other with our ribs, squeezing the seconds with the power of Love—an alchemy of Eternity.
  • The real celebration of Life is being fulfilled by the moment, when there is an utter collapse of any idea about yourself and all that you believe in.
  • Such a striking paradox the phrase “reconnect with yourself” reveals. It hits us with the understanding: “So, somehow, being busy with living, I lost myself.” And the soul therapists start asking “when,” “how,” “why”? But, this is not relevant—”who” remains the question. Who is that me?
  • In the absence of thoughts, this moment is a perfect moment—it is not about what you perceive, think or feel. Perfection doesn’t mean fairy tale romances, seeing shooting stars, or feeling angels’ wings flowering from behind your shoulders. Perfection is beyond meaning. The Point of Power of this moment is You — a non-dimensional point. In the absence of thoughts, this moment is always perfect.
  • Live your life as if you would live forever; live your life as if you would die today. There is no contradiction in these affirmations. They actually complete each other. It means recognizing the eternity of your being and surrendering to it in every moment of your life. Be simple, not dramatic, but always find the real meaning, life’s perfection. Otherwise, you risk losing your lifetime in living while you forget about yourself.
  • Whenever I feel blue, I just remember: this means that I am the sky!
  • In any act, set your heart on fire and graciously exhale your fragrance of love.
  • Oneness is revealed not through your extension, but through your extinction.
  • Master: The One thing that really matters is no-thing, Oneness.
    Disciple: Still, does the rest matter one way or another?
    Master: Since Oneness embraces everything, there can be no “rest.” Therefore, just rest in the One.
  • When the decisive moment comes, when you hear the call of the Beloved from the depths of your being, offer yourself completely. Surrendering body, mind, and soul, let his sweet appeal give you the courage to face the imminent death of your illusions.
  • Complicit with so many images, we become imagination and we drown in it. Have you taken the time to dive in the sky today? Or did you look for another dimension, the sky inside? There is no need for an answer – it is irrelevant. Do it now!
  • A message in a bottle from those lost in the ocean of consciousness: Practice Self-enquiry and welcome the shipwreck of the ego.
  • Between the remorse of the past and the anxiety of the future is always hidden the freedom of Now—the only real key to transformation.
  • When saying “I love you,” ask “Who am I?” If the “I” is your need to possess, your fear of being alone, or your sexual drive, then your declaration doesn’t make sense. After that kind of “I,” the word “love” cannot follow.
  • What is the sound of one hand clapping? What is the sound of one? What is the sound? Who is the One? “I am” is the answer that contains all the questions.