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Celebrating Pachamama Day

By Tasha Friedman   Happy Pachamama Day! “Pachamama” is the Quechua name for Mother Earth or Mother Nature, translating literally as “World Mother.” For many

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Buddhas Everywhere

By Tasha Friedman There’s a special kind of paranoia that the Tibetan Buddhist tradition says you should cultivate: a sneaking suspicion that everyone around you

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Ayurveda food

Onions, Garlic, and Ayurveda

What Restricted Vegetables Can Show Us about the Yogic Lifestyle By Natasha Friedman There’s nothing as mouth-watering as the smell of garlic and onions simmering

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Unending Pilgrimage

The Unending Pilgrimage

How to Maintain Your Spiritual Practice While Traveling, and Turn Traveling into a Spiritual Practice By Natasha Friedman Travel and spirituality have long gone hand

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