Play Kirtan!

A 3-Day Training in Facilitating Kirtan

with Kilian Hübinger

April 4–6, 2024

Presented in English in Longeval, France​

Enrich Your Spiritual Journey with the Power of Devotional Singing

This special workshop will deepen and refine both your musical skills and your spiritual understanding of the practice of chanting mantras, called kirtan or bhajan in Sanskrit.

While this practice is simple and accessible to anyone, with no need for specific knowledge or training, its spiritual depth and spectrum of musical unfolding benefits greatly from the guiding presence of one or more skilled facilitating musicians—and this could be you!

This workshop has two main aims: 

  • Expanding and refining your musical vocabulary, improving rhythmic firmness and variety, awareness of musical dramaturgy, tempo, and dynamic variations.
  • Deepening your metaphysical understanding of the power of devotion, the use of mantras, and the aspects related to each of the different deities.

Music, and in particular devotional singing, is an important element in spiritual traditions around the world. As an art form that transcends time, it has the innate power to bind the mind to the present moment. 

Singing happens by means of the breath. As air is the governing element of the heart chakra, the act of singing helps us open the Heart and relate more intimately to its intrinsic qualities: love, devotion, tenderness, surrender…

In India, Bhakti Yoga, the Yoga of Devotion, is one of the main branches of yoga and is practiced widely, mainly in the context of the Hindu religion. Kirtan, the practice of devotional singing, has found its way into the hearts of many Western spiritual seekers and is now practiced by yogis worldwide.

In this workshop, you’ll refine your musical skills and expand your knowledge through an integrated way of learning. There will be an emphasis on musical practice, with theoretical teachings blended in as much as necessary to help you understand concepts and advance in the practice. 

Teachings about the metaphysical background of Bhakti Yoga and daily Hridaya Hatha Yoga sessions will help you sustain the awareness and purity needed to transform a musical performance into a spiritual practice. 

As the most common instrument in Western kirtan circles is the guitar, it is essential that you have a basic knowledge of playing guitar to fully benefit from the workshop. This means that you know the basic chords (C, D, E, F, G, A, Dm, Em, Am) and can change between them effortlessly while maintaining a rhythm, and you know how to play a basic “campfire guitar” rhythm. 

While the main musical focus will be on singing and playing guitar, the basics of playing harmonium and percussion for kirtan will also be covered.


Musical Teachings:

  • Comprehensive rhythm training and how to integrate new rhythms: clapping, reciting, coordinating, applying rhythms to the instrument, etc.
  • Application on the guitar: picking, strumming, and damping
  • Basic theory of chords and its application on the guitar and harmonium
  • Creating refined beauty: chord variations, singing harmonies, etc.
  • The art of guiding kirtan: holding a band together, different kirtan moods, creating a playlist and an altar

Metaphysical and Practical Yoga Teachings:

  • Self-Inquiry meditation
  • Bhakti Yoga
  • Exploration of Hindu deities
  • Hridaya Hatha Yoga, with a focus on asanas for the heart and throat chakras and pranayama with vowels

Workshop Leader

Kilian Hübinger

Kilian Hübinger is a passionate and heartful teacher of yoga and meditation with over 10 years of practical experience. His classes and lectures are infused with his deep care for every student. He continually aspires to transmit authentic teachings maintaining the purity of the spirit of yoga, constantly pointing back to its original purpose as a path to liberation and happiness. Even while exploring more complex metaphysical topics, in his teachings, there is an underlying flow of awareness, presence, and stillness, as he strives to touch the hearts of his students beyond just intellectual concepts or physical exercise.

It is Kilian’s strongest hope to guide students to a deep realization of their inner source of happiness and power and to inspire them about ways to bring this inner sense of harmony and sacredness to an external blossoming in life. A devotee of Mother Nature, Kilian is very interested in exploring ways to reduce humanity’s ecological footprint and to come back to a more intimate and respectful relationship with the planet we live on.

As a trained jazz musician, Kilian is particularly drawn to playing devotional music both as a way to connect to specific energies, as well as to just ecstatically celebrate life.



“Oh, human!
Drink the nectar of the Divine Name!”


Daily Schedule


7:00-8:00Meditation (Optional)
9:00-12:00Musical Practice
15:00-17:30Hatha Yoga Practice and Metaphysical Teachings
19:15-20:15Kirtan Rehearsal
20:15-22:00Rest or Optional Activities
22:00Mauna (Noble Silence)

Saturday Evening

20:00Kirtan for the Whole Community

Pricing and Registration

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April 3 – 7, 2024Play Kirtan!Kilian HübingerPricing and Registration

Please Note:

  • This workshop is presented in English at our center in Longeval, France.
  • To fully benefit from this workshop, you should have at least basic guitar-playing skills.
  • Please read our Payment, Refund, and Amendment Guidelines before booking.
  • The dates listed above are for accommodation. The workshop begins the morning after arrival and ends the evening before departure. Check-in is available from 14:00 on the date of arrival.
  • For more information about our center, including how to get to Longeval, please visit this page.

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