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Hridaya Yoga has operated a thriving center in Mazunte, Mexico since 2012. A deep yearning to expand our capacity to share the teachings of the Heart led us to purchase Domaine de Longeval, which has become the home of Hridaya Yoga France. This wooded, secluded location affords us a permanent base in Europe from which to offer teachings on meditation, yoga, and the Consciousness of Oneness in order to create the best conditions to support the revelation of the Self.
Domaine de Longeval’s expansive grounds feature a variety of accommodations, two main yoga and meditation halls and three practice halls, a vegetarian restaurant, a communal activity space, and a permaculture garden. As the project unfolds, we envision that a community in which daily life flows naturally from the awareness of the Self and everyone lives with an Open Heart will flourish. We invite everyone with a yearning to practice, learn, and evolve alongside others to join us!
“It's not how much we give but
how much love we put into giving.”
–Saint Teresa of Calcutta

How to Support Hridaya Yoga France:

The deeply-held dream of creating a European community dedicated to the Heart has become a reality. To enable us to fully manifest this space for Self-revelation, we appreciate all the support we can get!


If you feel inspired to support Hridaya Yoga France financially, we welcome your contribution. You may offer as little or as much as your heart desires, donating via PayPal or debit/credit card. You may also support us by purchasing a gift certificate.

How Your Donation Will Be Used:

Hridaya Yoga France is developing fast, and we are committed to being accessible to everyone, regardless of background or financial constraints. Our low course fees, cheap accommodation options, and scholarship program make it a place where everyone can find the way to their hearts and experience real transformation. After our operational costs are covered, all proceeds are reinvested in the organization in order to develop more educational opportunities and allow a community to grow on-site.

Your financial support will help fund our ongoing renovation efforts and enable us to further develop and expand our center.

Thank you for your support!

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