Shambhala: The Realm of the Bodhisattvas

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Shambhala: The Realm of the Bodhisattvas

Imagine a vast realm blessed with a gentle climate, majestic mountains, mysterious forests, fruitful fields, clear rivers, and wild waterfalls.

A realm with perfect organization, splendid temples, and beautiful cities, in which live human beings who share the same spiritual aspirations and ardent love for God.

This is Shambhala. And yet, at the same time, Shambhala is much more than this, something beyond our wildest imagination.

The traditional description of Shambhala mentions that high mountains, impossible to cross, surround it. This is symbolic that Shambala does not exist in this physical dimension but in a parallel, subtle universe.

For the ardent spiritual seeker, the location of Shambala is less important than its mysterious spiritual force, which governs the entire planet.

Shambhala is not merely a legend of the past, but a present reality.

The vision of Shambala is usually associated with meditation. But from the very beginning, we must recognize that intense activity oriented towards the Divine takes place in this realm. And what happens in Shambhala has a significant impact on Earth.

The Spring of Divine Bliss

Many folk traditions contain the myth of a realm of the wise that governs the Earth in secret. Of course, this realm has different names: Tula, the White Island, the Holy Ground, etc., but they all refer to the same place.

In the Eastern tradition, this realm is named Shambhala. This Sanskrit name means “the spring of divine bliss,” or, to be more precise, that which allows us to access the spring of bliss.

Because of its role, Shambhala is also called the “Spiritual Center of Our Planet.” However, this center is not a physical location but is found in the ethereal plane, a subtle dimension co-existing with our physical universe.

This ethereal dimension is close to our physical plane, as if at the border of the astral world. Therefore, the actions of the residents of Shambhala have an immediate impact on our world. Shambhala is an intermediary dimension connecting the physical and astral levels of existence.

Although Shambhala is only one of the innumerable parallel worlds in the Cosmos, this world has special significance for us.

Shambhala is an elevated world whose primary purpose is to guide the spiritual destiny of our planet.

The title “Spiritual Center of Our Planet” implies that all earthly wisdom and history is stored in Shambhala’s immense archives.

Furthermore, Shambhala and the people living there inspire all authentic spiritual traditions on Earth, and have done so throughout history.

Is It Possible to Reach Shambhala?

From time immemorable, human beings have discovered the existence of this sublime realm in which genuine spirituality is always present, and have aspired to reach it.

Some of them have succeeded. Of these, some chose to stay, while others returned much wiser. The fascinating legends mysteriously woven about these extraordinary people who have dared to follow their hearts and dreams send us a clear and definitive message: Shambhala is real.

We may also get there. For this, we must have strong aspiration in our hearts.

Shambhala sometimes manifests at focal points within the physical plane. And, there are secret gateways that allow passage from our world to another.

Naturally, the great initiates of Earth knew about the existence of this world which has inspired and directly influenced the destiny of our planet.

Shambhala in Our World

Wherever there is a concentration of intense spirituality, this is a projection of Shambhala into our world—a direct manifestation of Shambhala in our physical universe.

This implies that the connection between Shambhala and our world is quite strong and that beings from Shambhala act directly to help the spiritual evolution of our planet through those who have the privilege of being part of these spiritual groups.

In the past, one such place was clearly Tibet, and therefore it was considered the projection area of Shambhala.

This is also why we can find the most consistent and authentic information on Shambhala in the Tibetan tradition.

Nevertheless, if we go back in time, we discover that Tibet was not always the most powerful spiritual center on our planet. At other times in history, this focal point was in Egypt, Greece, India, Dacia, Ireland, South America, etc.

Even though almost all authentic ancient traditions are forgotten these days, the special spiritual imprint of these places remains.

The resonance with the world of Shambhala is still active and powerful in these places. Yogis who meditate on the subject can easily perceive this.

Just as it is easier to feel closer to God in a church or a beautiful landscape than in a bar or superstore, the subtle imprint of these mysterious and blessed places awakens in any pure and receptive person a mystical thrill, a particular fascination, beyond which hides the uplifting and unsuspected influence of Shambhala.

Beyond the tourist attraction of the Sphinx in Egypt, the Sun Pyramid in Mexico, or the Temple of Apollo in Greece, we may recognize the spiritual power of Shambhala.

The Land of the Bodhisattvas

The Tibetan tradition teaches of exceptional human beings known as bodhisattvas. A bodhisattva chooses to reincarnate as an act of compassion, rather than out of karmic necessity, in order to support humanity’s spiritual evolution. This vision also indicates the decisive influence of Shambhala.

The ideal of the bodhisattva is unique in the landscape of our planet’s spiritual traditions. In the West, it is commonly misinterpreted as the bodhisattva “giving up” their spiritual freedom to help and serve humanity.

However, the Tibetan perspective on this issue is different and profoundly positive. A bodhisattva is a person who has already stabilized in complete realization. According to their will, they offer themselves to the task of helping all beings attain the same state of liberation.

The presence of this ideal and the manifestation of many bodhisattvas in Tibet confirm the direct spiritual guidance of Shambhala behind the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism.

Shambhala truly is a realm of bodhisattvas, a subtle universe home to wise beings who dedicate their existence, energy, and entire selves to God. They live on, invisibly supporting the evolution of humanity, helping all those who sincerely desire to find God.

Find out more about Shambhala in our series of Satsangs with Sahajananda.

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