Satsangs with Sahajananda:

Shambhala, the Divine Realm
That Inspires Us

Join Hridaya Yoga founder Sahajananda for a free online series of satsangs exploring Shambhala, an inspiring divine realm.

Shambhala is an oasis of compassion, love, freedom, and light in the desert of materialism and ignorance…

In Tantric Buddhism, Shambhala is a divine kingdom, the source of the Kalachakra teachings.

Many esoteric traditions envision such a place as the center of planetary consciousness—the world’s spiritual generator, which is much more transparent to the Divine Will. It is seen as the bodhisattvas’ home and the perfect archetype of a spiritual sangha.

Shambhala is the very expression of perfection, the ultimate manifestation of peace and harmony, the abode of those with pure minds and souls who radiate compassion and long for spiritual awakening to benefit all sentient beings.

Shambhala is a source of cosmic culture and spirituality, whose representatives have subtly protected and directed humanity over the centuries, like a guiding star.

As part of our soul’s longing, in our collective unconscious, Shambhala is the very expression of that hope for spiritual realization.

It also represents a mirror to the innermost dimension, the very radiance of the Spiritual Heart.

A beautiful Medieval Sufi story, “The Conference of Birds,” describes the journey that the birds took to find Simurgh, their legendary king. After many challenges and years of searching, they finally realize that Simurgh (meaning “thirty birds”) is nothing but themselves. The journey was necessary only to overcome their dualistic vision. The Shambhala journey is like this…

Topics Include:

  • The purpose of these satsangs
  • Methods to evoke Shambhala
  • Tantric meditation using the Shambhala yantra
  • Non-duality and the vision of Shambhala
  • Paradise vs. “Pure Land”
  • Inner and outer geography, references in the West and East
  • Ways of directly accessing elevated astral realms
  • Confessions about meetings and journeys in Shambhala
  • The spiritual King of the World
  • About the inhabitants and their activities
  • Shambhala is calling you
  • The Great Invocation
  • Kalachakra—The science of the bodhisattvas
  • Similarities in the Tantric teachings of Kashmir Shaivism
  • Traditional references
  • Similar legends in ancient cultures
  • The vision and the message of Shambhala, the journey into the Heart, etc.


  • November 4, 2021
  • November 11, 2021
  • November 17, 2021
  • December 9, 2021

All satsangs take place from 1:00-3:00 pm CST/8:00-10:00 pm CET.

If you can’t attend the satsangs live, we’ll upload them to the Hridaya YouTube channel a few days after each event.

Satsang Notes & Resources


  • Watch the satsang here
  • Download the Shambhala yantra here
  • Download instructions for meditating with the yantra here


  • Watch the satsang here
  • Read Ramakrishna’s reflection on the awakening of Kundalini Shakti through the chakras here


  • Watch the satsang here