Praying to Goddess Tara in the Confusion of Our Times

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Praying to Goddess Tara, the Compassionate Guiding Star, in the Confusion of Our Times

By Sahajananda

Perhaps the defining detail of our times is not the war or the pandemic, but the state in which they found us, all of humanity. A state of psychological fragility, reactivity… of maximum vulnerability.

These days, we hear many opinions and concerns about a new pandemic wave, a world war, the agenda of the World Economic Forum, etc. While it is legitimate to acknowledge risks, to raise questions, and to be informed and not naive, it is even more important to be aware of the state in which we receive them.

Through Self-awareness, we can shake off stress, fear, and anxiety.

Now maybe more than ever, the world needs our courage, our real humanity, that Cœur de Lion, a fearless heart of goodness, generosity, compassion, dedication, trust, and Love…

For many people, the world seems more like Russian roulette, a lottery of danger lurking everywhere: anything can happen to anyone, anytime. Most of all, the pandemic deepened and stabilized a dramatic relationship with danger, fear, and death. An anxious person is always in danger and “dies” many times a day—since everything points to existential incompetence, life itself is a threat.

When we are overwhelmed by anxiety, we are lost. We cannot wisely, not even reasonably, assess and witness dangers in such a state. A frail man who psychologically lives from one day to the next is always ready to terrorize himself if others don’t do it for him. So, it would be useless to ask him to use his discernment in times of plague or war.

We can help others and the world by being free from fears about the future. As Rumi recommended: “Move outside the tangle of fear-thinking. Live in silence.”

When we are at peace, we are proving trust. Then, our thoughts and actions are really bringing Life. When we rely on the Stillness of Being, grace finds us, and we can be a help to others.

Through every difficulty we face, we are being given a chance to be blessed even more by trust in the ineffable, the Heart.

This isn’t optimism, seeing just the bright side of things, but confidence in the wisdom and compassionate nature of Existence, of which Goddess Tara is an expression. We cannot really pray to Tara if we don’t trust and feel Her sovereign power in us and the whole cosmos.

The plague of anxiety is more contagious than any other virus because it tends to affect our trust and meditations. In such confusion, we may forget the real sense of prayer.

What It Means to Pray

In the Consciousness of Oneness, to pray means to actualize, embrace, and make alive in our hearts both the divinity we are praying to and what we are praying for.

There are two essential movements: first, by diving into the Heart, there is a touch of the ineffable, the Reality we are evoking. It is not external, but an intimate source of inspiration and grace.

“Enter eagerly into the treasure-house that lies within you, and so you will see the treasure-house of heaven: for the two are the same, and there is but one single entry to them both.” –St. Isaac the Syrian

This Cosmic Wisdom of Compassion, Tara, is, of course, not the statue in front of us; that is just a symbol. We cannot follow a map to get to Her, because She is not “somewhere,” but everywhere… Still, She is revealed only as a consequence of our relationship with Her. It is the openness, the space of trust in us that evokes Her… If that space is not one of hope and faith, She cannot really be revealed…

Angels, Shambhala, and beyuls are the sacred potentialities of our soul. 

Therefore, while starting as longing and request, prayer is further actualization of an inner cosmic Reality, the source of radiating compassion, hope, and Love.

Second, in prayer, our awareness goes to all suffering sentient beings, asking for peace, release, freedom, and love. Nevertheless, such aspiration for the well-being of others becomes meaningful only if it is also actualized in our being. In other words, we need to totally trust in what we are asking for. It is an inner confession of unfailing faith that such transformation is completely possible. It must be a truth already envisioned and felt in ourselves. That is why anticipating wars or pandemics with our worries is sabotaging our and others’ prayers for peace.

As Patanjali said, suffering that hasn’t happened can and should be avoided.

There is always a chance for freedom, since Self-Awareness is what guards us from becoming vulnerable victims of circumstance.

It is not enough to believe in the Spiritual Heart—true faith is to trust in Her in all expressions of our life.

Let your life reflect the faith you have in the Spiritual Heart…

With Love,

To develop a deeper resonance with Tara, we invite you to join our ongoing Tapas for World Peace.

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