Karma Yoga: Finding Absolute Freedom in the Present Moment

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Karma Yoga: Finding Absolute Freedom in the Present Moment

By Hadi Beyrouti


Walking, cleaning, working, playing, sitting, standing, running, sleeping… Is any moment more important than another?

There is something in us that believes so, which reserves our complete attention for only exceptional moments, which we await most of the time.

There is something in us that keeps us half-asleep—crushed by time, running after the next moment, living in the moment before. And only in special situations do we allow our being to be truly awake and alive.

But we can dissolve the illusion that keeps us in such a paradigm. Grace is everywhere, in all moments. Taking off our shoes, sitting in the car, eating, waiting, sweeping, talking… Why wait for the big moment to be fully awake?

“You are the Truth,” the sages say. Yet, for Truth to reveal itself, we must awaken. We must become aware of ourselves—not just in moments of meditation, but throughout the day and throughout life. There are forces within that keep us asleep, yet there is an infinite power beyond them, the potential for every sentient being to become aware of their infinite nature.

present moment awareness woman's faceWe can instill the little moments with Self-remembrance, cultivating a steady stream of awareness, connecting with the source of our being from moment to moment. When we remain on the edge of our own discovery and give it focused attention, we awaken more, and Truth begins to awaken in us.

That part within us that is wise and clear, benevolent and innocent, infinite and sacred, starts waking up. We start waking up…

An ineffable reality unfolding within us, absolute freedom, a knowledge beyond trust, an ecstasy without end. And it all starts with this little moment, where we do something that seems unimportant to the mind, and yet, in all its normalcy, we remember the most sacred. We recognize our depths.

Out of nowhere, an act as simple as sweeping the floor is suddenly full of significance and profound meaning. A fullness of being that no words can describe, no mind can create, no time can hold…

When we let go of the duality of the mind, of the agenda of our thinking, what is revealed is beyond words.

It all starts with this very moment, right now…


Hadi is a Hridaya Yoga teacher serving at our center in France.

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