Bhajans: Chanting from the Depths

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By Hadi Beyrouti


Bhajans are chanting to the Divine and its many faces. Chants not for an exterior force or presence but towards the most intimate place within ourselves. A prayer for the Heart, the absolute presence that we fundamentally are.

Only there can we find the many cosmic principles that are evoked when singing bhajans. They exist through the same awareness that is reading this right now. Their unbound presence is within the ground of our being.

In bhajans, we don’t chant to something outside of us; we chant to our own self. And at the same time, we listen from our soul. A chant from the depths, through the depths, for the depths.

Bhajans offer a sacred moment in which the limitless being awakens through devotion for its many aspects.

Every word carries an ocean of significance; every silence, an abyss of bliss. Every word calls the Heart to awaken, and within every silence, the Divine responds.

Bhajans are a mutual dance that brings a soul so close to God that waves of bliss melt away all separation. They are a song that arises in one being, a celebration of the Divine. Many voices, one listener. And all sounds dissolve into the universal Heart, resounding as the unstruck sound—waves of bliss.


Hadi is a Hridaya Yoga teacher serving at our center in France.

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