Hridaya Yoga

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Guided Meditation with Sahajananda

The Consciousness of Oneness
In this beloved meditation shared on Day 10 of the Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat, Sahajananda offers an inspiring reminder of Unity.
Duration: 1:09:52

Audio Lectures

The Art of Awareness
Sahajananda gives a thoughtful introduction to Kashmir Shaivism and the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra. This lecture is a precursor to the Art of Awareness workshop that Sahaja offers annually at our centers in Mexico and France.
Duration: 2:22:11

Questions and Answers from Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreats

During every Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat, participants are welcome to write questions to help them gain a better understanding of the practice. Below, we share a few of these special moments:

If I am God, Isn’t Consecrating to God a Contradiction?
Duration: 04:01

Are External Actions Important?
Duration: 01:32

Is it Necessary to Practice Hatha Yoga before Meditation?
Duration: 09:24

Can I just use the Techniques that Work Best for Me?
Duration: 05:07


Contemplation on Death, A Guided Meditation with Sahajananda





Rhythmic Breathing Sequences

Beginning in Module 2 of the Hridaya Yoga Retreat, we practice Rhythmic Breathing. This involves performing the entire yogic breathing cycle (inhalation, full retention, exhalation, and void retention) according to a fixed count. The practice of Rhythmic Breathing can induce exceptional states of consciousness.

Below, we offer recordings to accompany the practice. The recordings use beeping sounds to mark the rhythm. Each time the rhythm changes there is a distinct sound signaling the shift. The sequences are listed below. A document containing the list of sequences may be downloaded here.

Recording 1

Max: 8-16-8-4, for beginners
Time: 19 minutes

4-2-4-0 6X
8-4-8-0 6X
8-8-8-2 8X
8-12-8-4 8X
8-16-8-4 8X
8-8-4-0 8X

Recording 2

Max: 8-20-8-4
Time: 23 minutes

4-4-4-4 6X
6-6-6-6 6X
8-8-8-4 6X
8-12-8-4 6X
8-16-8-4 6X
8-20-8-4 6X
8-8-8-4 4X
6-6-6-6 4X
4-4-4-4 4X

Recording 3

Max: 12-16-12-8
Time: 19 minutes

8-4-8-0 4X
12-6-12-0 6X
12-8-16-4 6X
12-12-12-8 6X
12-16-12-8 6X
8-4-8-0 3X

Recording 4

Intermediary: 8-32-8-4
Time: 35 minutes

4-4-4-4 6X
4-6-6-4 6X
4-8-8-4 6X
4-12-8-4 6X
4-16-8-4 6X
6-24-8-4 8X
8-28-8-4 8X
8-32-8-4 8X
8-8-8-8 4X
6-6-6-6 4X
4-4-4-4 4X

Recording 5

Advanced max: 8-48-8-4 and 8-32-16-8
Time: 1 hour

4-8-8-4 6X
4-12-8-4 6X
4-16-8-4 6X
6-24-8-6 6X
8-28-12-8 8X
8-32-12-8 8X
8-32-16-8 8X
8-36-12-8 6X
8-40-12-4 6X
8-48-8-4 8X
8-8-8-8 4X
6-6-6-6 4X
4-4-4-4 4X