Womb of the Heart

An Inner Pilgrimage of the Embodied Feminine

with Sandi Palermo in Mazunte, Mexico

April 8–11, 2024

Awaken the Power of the Womb through Self-Awareness

Do you long to reconnect with the wellspring of your vitality and loving potential, the Spiritual Heart? Are you yearning to heal and thrive as you deepen your capacity to be as you are?

Join Sandi for this 3-day inner pilgrimage exploring the Heart and womb in the temple of the body. While working in a sacred circle of women, you’ll learn simple, practical techniques to feel, nurture, and amplify the energy of Shakti expressed through Womb Wisdom, the powerhouse of feminine embodiment.  

This unique experiential workshop integrates Self-Inquiry, looking into the source of your being to shed layers of false identification and conditioning, while embracing the Sacred Feminine. 

Receive the teachings of the Heart as shared in Hridaya Yoga, as well as wisdom from the Sacred Feminine mystery schools. Explore Hridaya Meditation, Heart-Womb Yoga (a presence-based practice connecting with the pelvic floor through subtle anatomy and opening to witness the aliveness of the energies), profound rituals, shamanic journeying, conscious movement and breathwork, and prayer as tools and paths of Self-exploration and opening to the creative potential of the Heart-Womb. 

As you come to understand and embrace the enabling power of the Sacred Womb by deeply listening with the Heart, your life will become a living prayer, infused with the potential of the pure “I Am” presence. 

This workshop is calling you if you’re seeking authentic Self-connection, tools for healing, and an inner pilgrimage of the Heart and the embodied feminine to remember who you are. If you aspire to explore the shadow of the feminine and hear her voice speak through you, to remember how to see, hear, feel, and listen to the intuition of the Heart and Womb, to tap into the natural well of creative potential and abundance of being in the temple of a woman, to open to the transformative potential of prayer, join us in the Womb of the Heart.

womb heart workshop hridaya mexico

This offering is initiatory and experiential. You’ll receive an initiation in the teachings of the Spiritual Heart and Womb Wisdom through short introductions followed by guided practices and sharing circles to affirm and clarify your experience.

You’ll Learn:

  • A Heart- and womb-informed way of opening to living a more authentic life in tune with your natural rhythms and the rhythms of life
  • To question your unconscious thought patterns and seek who you are
  • To become a wisdom keeper of your body and womb as a temple
  • How to approach your womb differently, discovering new ways to take care of your emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical life 
  • How to dissolve identification with limiting emotions, thought patterns, attitudes, and habits 
  • Tools from feminine mystery traditions to assist and inform your life 
  • To harness the creative potential of the womb
  • To open to the voice of the Sacred Feminine


Join Us and Explore:

  • Self-Inquiry, asking “Who am I?” and the practice of neti, neti 
  • The Spiritual Heart as the core of your being
  • Spanda, the Sacred Tremor of the Heart, as taught in Kashmir Shaivism
  • Womb Awakening, opening to your creative potential
  • The significance of circles and the body as a temple through interactive and embodiment practices 
  • The feminine shadow
  • Womb medicine wheel
  • Womb clearing
  • Cultivating the senses—hearing, seeing, and feeling beyond the conceptual mind
  • The five bodies—the yogic perspective on subtle anatomy 
  • Sublimation—the inner alchemy of transformation through Self-awareness 
  • Shamanic journeying and Yoga Nidra practice 
  • Sacred recitation, intention, and prayer (mantra, hymns, and prayers in Sanskrit, English, and Hebrew, with an evocation of Mary Magdalene)
  • Pelvic presence  
  • Dragon Shakti breath 
  • A rose blessing ritual
  • Feminine empowerment


April 8:

6:00–8:30 pm     Orientation Session

April 9–11:

8:00–10:45 am     Session 1
10:45–11:30 am   Breakfast
11:30 am–1:00 pmSession 2
1:00–3:00 pm       Break
3:00–5:00 pm       Session 3
5:00–6:00 pm       Dinner
6:00–8:00 pm       Session 4

Schedule subject to change.

“Our body is our sacred text. Our monthly cycle and our life cycle are our prayers.”
–Miranda Gray, Female Energy Awakening

Pricing and Registration

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April 8–12, 2024Womb of the HeartSandi Palermo

Please Note:

  • This workshop is presented in English at our center in Mazunte, Mexico, and is open to all women. No previous yoga or meditation experience is required.
  • The dates listed above are for accommodation. The course begins with an orientation session at 6:00 pm on Monday, April 8, and ends the evening of April 11. Please plan to arrive in time to attend the orientation.
  • To support the retreat-like atmosphere of this course, we suggest staying at our center or in accommodations nearby.
  • What to bring: Sacred objects you wish to infuse with the power of intention generated during circle offerings (resins, smudges, incense, fruit, etc.); a notebook and pens; comfortable clothes to go deep into some of the movement-based practices; a  shawl for your head; and clothes for rituals in honor of feminine embodiment (no specific color, although red is in honor of Shakti in the Tantric tradition, solid colors rather than print/patterns for the rituals).
  • Please read our Registration Guidelines before booking.
  • Hridaya Yoga is a non-profit organization. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to practice, which is why we keep our prices low. If our rates still exceed your budget, you are welcome to apply for our low-income discount.

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