The Spirit of Karma Yoga

Transform through Service
and Community Living




The spirit of Karma Yoga is an opportunity to deepen your practice of volunteer service. It allows you a full immersion into the Hridaya Community by practicing yoga and meditation with us as well as helping us with our internal operations. In addition to volunteering, you’ll play an integral part in holding a friendly space in the community, according to the Hridaya Yoga Vision.

As a volunteer, you’ll help in the spirit of Karma Yoga—the yoga of action. While practicing Karma Yoga, you detach from the fruits of your contribution, seeing your support as an offering in service to others and to all of existence. To get a feel for the experience, check out a blog post about Karma Yoga and life as a Karma Yogi at Longeval. 

Ready to Join?

Our non-profit yoga organization was founded from a deep yearning to share the message of the Heart with ever more people. At our centers, we share non-dual yogic teachings formally—via silent meditation retreats, yoga courses, and workshops—and informally—through daily life in a vibrant community of people dedicated to living with an Open Heart. In this way, we help those searching for meaning discover their inner Self and experience the love, self-confidence, freedom, and joy of a life lived from the Heart.

Our center is located on a quiet hill in the Beaujolais Vert area, covering almost ten hectares. It includes a castle from 1902 and a more modern building, rooms for our students, five yoga halls, a professional kitchen that prepares vegan food, three permaculture gardens, and a fruit forest, all of which are surrounded by pine forests and grassland. Our active community life includes activities such as bhajans (devotional singing), ecstatic dance, and movie nights.

If you’re inspired to join our vibrant international community and dive into the spirit of Karma Yoga, apply via the link below! The application form contains information about prerequisites, food, accommodation, our schedule, and more.

If you have any questions about practicing Karma Yoga at Hridaya France, please contact the Karma Yoga Coordinator directly at: