Mailing Address

Our students sometimes like to receive mail while they are staying with us. As Mazunte does not have mail delivery, Hridaya maintains a post office box in nearby Pochutla. You are welcome to have mail sent in care of our mailing address, however, please note that international mail to Mexico often takes several weeks to arrive. To ensure that you receive items before you depart, please have them sent well in advance.

Mailing Address:
Hridaya Yoga (El Neem)
A.P. 7
Pochutla, Oaxaca

If you would like to receive a package from an international air freight company (DHL, UPS, etc.) you will need a street address. The following address is usually accepted by these companies for delivery directly to the Hridaya Yoga Center.

Please note that regular mail is not delivered to this address.

Street Address:
Hridaya Yoga cel. 958 100 8958
Ctra. Mazunte – San Agustinillo s/n
Santa Maria Tonameca, Oaxaca