Hridaya Teacher Training Course Invitation

Is this Course in Tune with Your Ideals?

When you have fallen in love with Self-Inquiry
And you hear the calling in your heart to share this wisdom,
We invite you to join us…

Dear one,

The Hridaya Teacher Training Course is a profound experience, both a challenge and a celebration of awareness and life. It’s an important step in the journey to reveal your True Nature. You may encounter difficulties, wild rides, painful ego cramps, droughts, self-doubt, impatience, and frustration—but also a fascinating blossoming of your being, openness to new horizons, spiritual insights, deep love, ecstasy, stillness, and peace.

Before enrolling in this journey, please stop, take a deep “breath of awareness,” and ask yourself this question:

“Is the HTTC’s training in yoga and meditation—and its potential outcome—in tune with my ideals in life?”

If the answer is “YES,” then please be aware that the program requires love for meditation and yoga practice, an investment of time and energy, earnestness, an increased capacity to deal with challenges, spiritual aspiration, intuitive openness, a “transrational” understanding of the non-dual teachings, dedication, a deep longing to reveal your essence, surrender, compassion, the willingness to help others, and trust in the Heart, in Life… Of course, you will be supported in this process by the Hridaya practice, teachings, teachers, and sangha. As a deeper surrender of personal limitations arises, a stronger and more flexible character will develop.

Enrolling in this program with full responsibility regarding its requirements and echoes in itself represents an expression of spiritual maturity.

Therefore, we ask you to carefully read all of the HTTC information pages:

Then, continue to meditate on this possibility in your life.

As Swami Vivekananda said, “If you are full of your own greatness and irritated by the slightest discomfort, you will never be a true practitioner.”

The first month of the HTTC serves as a trial period during which you will be evaluated. Emphasis will be given to your level of enthusiasm, dedication, and aspiration. At the end of this period, a decision will be made as to whether or not you have demonstrated the necessary qualities to become a Hridaya teacher.

Full-hearted participation in the HTTC—with intelligence, humbleness, and trust—will slowly shape you into a proper vessel for the profound teachings of Self-awareness, quenching your thirst for the Truth and supporting others in doing so.

From the Hridaya perspective, teaching is not just sharing knowledge, but sharing yourself. It is an aspiration that arises naturally when you see the benefits of the teachings and witness your own deep transformation.

Teaching Self-awareness is a lifelong commitment to being a student—a student of Stillness, of Love, of the Heart. It implies the constant practice of embodying the teachings, cultivating integrity, humbleness, deep surrender, patience, perseverance, love, gratitude, generosity, pure intention, and enthusiasm—the qualities of an Open Heart.

Being a Hridaya teacher requires intense formal and informal training, which will definitely not end when the HTTC finishes. The senior Hridaya teachers will continue to support you, offering advice and specific feedback to further develop your readiness, skills, talents, and trust in Oneness. The spiritual friendship between all of us becomes in itself a beautiful expression of non-duality.

We aspire to offer you much more than a formal training at the end of which you receive a yoga teaching certificate. There is an increasing request for Hridaya teachers in many spiritual centers around the world. We would appreciate it if your pure intention is to continue practicing yoga, meditation, and Self-Inquiry and preparing yourself to become an active Hridaya teacher. You will continue to have our support, which is another reason we consider this step the beginning of a beautiful lifelong journey.