Hridaya Teacher Training Course Vision

Start a Lifelong Journey

A Communion of Ideals, Principles, and Actions

The HTTC is not just a 3-month program designed for you to acquire specific knowledge, improve yourself, and get a certificate. It opens you to a lifelong journey. Practically speaking, the communion in ideals, principles, and actions, the friendship, the teachings, and the support continue even after the course is over.

The Hridaya Community welcomes all of our teachers and will actively support you in transmitting the Hridaya ideals, perspectives, and techniques.

Going Beyond Labels and Roles

The HTTC transcends the formal style of a course in which you would be labeled a “student” and be in a purely receptive position for three months in order to become a new person, labeled “teacher.” Instead, we’ll continuously learn together, as students and teachers, to go beyond roles. 

In this course, the instructional experience starts from a different paradigm. We respect each other beyond roles, appreciating the gifts each person brings, supporting the beauty and inherent creative power that lies in every soul. In this way, real love can grow.

The HTTC encourages spontaneity, which imbues the course and our relationships with freedom, freshness, and dynamism.

Emphasizing Creativity and Quality—Learning in Freedom and Love

Emphasizing creativity is a way to learn in freedom and love and to cultivate our best, most harmonious qualities. This includes the need to be systematic and understand order. When a spiritual school is based on quality and sattvic standards, it naturally blossoms in aspiration, beauty, art, harmony, and respect for Love.

If a spiritual organization only focuses on quantity and a franchise-like style that ignores specificities, it can risk rapid degeneration. When you put enthusiasm into it, work is approached not through quantity but quality. Therefore, awareness, intelligence, love, and creativity are present.


Confidence and faith in the infinite ocean of Light that resides in your Heart must radiate from the depths of your being before you can transmit this trust to your students. This is the best way to teach, a Heart (Self)-affirming attitude free from the stories of the ego. It’s about learning how to surrender (which doesn’t mean not being adequately prepared). It’s about cultivating awareness in what you actively do while teaching and throughout your life.

The Model of Plato’s Academy

Real transformation is only possible when the teaching becomes an offering to the Spiritual Heart. Without an intuition of the Ultimate, it isn’t possible to offer teachings that inspire wisdom, love, and happiness. Thus, loving and offering your gifts to the world should go beyond personal limitations, as in the Renaissance, for example.

The Fulfillment of Heart Awareness

Even though this course includes formal examinations based on solid theoretical preparation, we’ll place more emphasis on keeping the spirit of Hridaya—naturalness, love, awareness. Cultivating the Heart, which is essential for everyone, can’t be taught in a strictly formal, mechanical way. We are not encouraging a “competitive spirit.” You need only to show and expand your possibilities and gifts, not necessarily in comparison or opposition to others. By living in awareness, Self-Inquiry, freedom, and beauty, you become the best teacher. Then you no longer feel the need to prove anything to others in a competitive or pushy way.

When you are centered mainly in the mind, in thinking, there is always a feeling of lack and a pressure to do something. In the awareness of the Heart, there is a sense of fulfillment. When you knowingly live in the Heart, there is no feeling of lack, frustration, or agitation.

Cultivating Imagination, Beauty, and Stillness

Only through passing beyond the typical way of teaching and receiving can you transcend the mind. Of course, the mind, the intelligence, is needed. At the same time, the HTTC invites you to express and cultivate inspiration, imagination, heart, beauty, presence, and stillness, as these are qualities you will seek to awaken in your future students.

The Universality of the Message

Therefore, the HTTC doesn’t have a dry, theoretical approach. It’s a living course (through its vision, methods, and attitudes) that aims to make these teachings resonate more deeply within every student. The teachings are rooted in the Consciousness of Oneness, and our highest priority is maintaining the universality of the message. Even though Hridaya Yoga has its specificities, it is essential to avoid dogmas.

The Radiance of the Heart Is the Only Authority

The real competence of a Hridaya teacher is not based on competition and self-image but on love and intimate inner knowledge. Because of this, people naturally are drawn to our teachings. Both teachers and students understand that the radiance of the Heart is the only authority. Temporal authority, which the role of “teacher” provides, flows from this knowledge, this love. And love has its own ultimate authority.

An Education Coming from Love

We strongly believe that a meaningful education should arise out of love. Then, people will learn the non-dual approach to meditation and Hatha Yoga—because they love it. In this way, you can share what you love and what you have learned.

The Harmony of Naturalness

Each of us is learning how to create the best conditions for the revelation of our True Nature, which can’t be based on rigid rules. The harmony that radiates from the Self is the ultimate sovereign authority. The HTTC encourages an education and culture free from dogmas, personal interpretations, drama, and wishful thinking. Instead, we focus on seeing things as they are, from the stillness of the Witness Consciousness.

Clarity of Concepts

Another important preoccupation for this course is related to formalizing the teachings. Although the teachings of advaita, non-duality, are essentially beyond mind, properly transmitting them requires intelligence and inspiration. That’s why the HTTC brings maximum clarity to its main concepts: the Sacred Tremor of the Heart, Hridaya Meditation, the Heart Center, Self-Inquiry, Hridaya Hatha Yoga, samarasaOpen Attention, the Witness Consciousness, etc.

There Is No Copyright on the Heart

The Hridaya Community and Sahajananda will support you in giving meditation and Hatha Yoga classes, workshops, courses, etc. We do this freely and don’t expect any portion of the income you earn from teaching. The non-duality of the Heart is the inheritance of all humankind. Advaita is not just for a few well-educated people, but a universal truth that belongs to all humanity.

On the other hand, we do encourage your contribution—that you continue to work with us to improve how the message of the Heart is shared.

The Teachings of Advaita, the Non-dual Vision

The HTTC promotes the non-dual vision. This means that there is only one inseparable domain of the Heart. When you truly understand this principle, you can apply it to teaching and all your activities.

As Chuang Tzu said:

Great knowledge sees all in one.
Small knowledge breaks down into the many.”

All that is spiritual, uplifting, beautiful, noble, good comes from this global perception.

The HTTC Flows in 3 Main Directions:

  1. Cultivating the background of the Stillness of our being—which is Real Knowledge, jnana, and the radiance of Love, bhakti
  2. Practical technical knowledge—which consists of meditation and yoga techniques and other methods for transformation
  3. Theoretical knowledge (including teaching methodology)—which are considered necessary for a meditation and Hatha Yoga teacher

Paraphrasing an old Taoist saying, the HTTC doesn’t want to give you a fish, but to teach you how to fish. In any case, as you are embarking on a teacher training in meditation and yoga, you should be already good at fishing. The HTTC serves to inspire you to go into the deepest water.

We wish you an inspiring journey into the Real!