Hridaya Teacher Training Course

Terms of Agreement

When considering whether to enroll in the HTTC, please understand that the course condenses an extensive quantity of advanced yogic material into a 12-week, 500+-hour training.

Don’t underestimate the mental and physical demands you will face. Please seriously evaluate your level of physical, psychological, and spiritual maturity before enrolling in this course.

We have structured the HTTC to help students dedicate themselves to a contemplative life and become mature meditation and Hatha Yoga teachers. Therefore, extensive consideration has been put into the schedule and methodology presented.

Please read the following statements. By checking the Terms of Agreement box on the application form, you are affirming that you have read, understood, and agreed to accept the established standards.

Terms of Agreement

Determination and Communication

I commit to doing my best to participate according to the course structure. If I have specific personal needs, yogic or otherwise, I will discuss them with an HTTC administrator.


By virtue of being an intensive program, the HTTC may raise personal issues or shortcomings. The program encourages personal growth and, therefore, may impel considerable changes in attitude. For these reasons, the HTTC can be challenging and demanding. I accept responsibility for all aspects of my behavior during this program.


Adherence to punctuality is one of the primary factors in the success of the HTTC. I accept responsibility for being on time for all program sessions.

Time Management

There will be many opportunities for practice, study, and other activities at the school. I accept responsibility for managing my time, diet, and personal relationships in ways that support my full participation in and attendance at the HTTC.


According to the Hridaya system, it is necessary to maintain a level of cleanliness and purity in combination with meditation and Hatha Yoga practice to ensure the safety and effectiveness of spiritual practices.

I agree to accept that, for the duration of the HTTC, all use of tobacco and other illicit substances is expressly forbidden and can prove grounds for immediate expulsion from the course. Moreover, I understand that Sahajananda reserves the right to suspend a teacher at any time if we learn about non-compliance with this essential rule.

Celebration of Diversity

Hridaya Yoga students come from a variety of countries and backgrounds. In order to create a supportive environment, I assume responsibility for maintaining an attitude of respect toward my teachers and fellow students. If any interpersonal difficulties or conflicts arise, I pledge to seek advice from HTTC teachers and administrators.

Openness and Discernment

Hridaya Yoga offers spiritual teachings outside the parameters of any one specific religion. The HTTC raises issues that are metaphysical in nature, concepts, and theories that may challenge my belief system. I agree to keep an open mind and to exercise common sense, discernment, and a balanced attitude in order to fully appreciate the teachings offered.