Hridaya Teacher Training Course

Application and Selection

Important Considerations

Notes on the Selection Process:

  • We will contact you within one week after you submit your application to confirm its receipt.
  • Because we want to be sure that our future teachers understand the real spirit of the Hridaya teachings and resonate with the community, we will have a selection process. 
  • As applications to the HTTC far exceed available spots, please don’t be disappointed if you aren’t admitted on your first try.
  • The selection process will begin after the application deadline. It may include an interview with Sahajananda or another senior Hridaya teacher.
  • If you aren’t selected for the course after our initial review, you’ll be placed on the waiting list. As people accepted to the course sometimes withdraw, you may still have a chance to enroll.
  • You may apply up until one month before the HTTC begins. However, after the initial selection process, there will be significantly less chance of acceptance to the course.
If you have any questions, please contact