Hridaya Yoga Mexico


Stay On-Site at Hridaya Mexico for an Immersive Experience

As you consider taking the journey of a meditation retreat, yoga module, or workshop at Hridaya Mexico, we warmly invite you to deepen this experience by staying on-site with us at the Hridaya Center. In fact, we strongly recommend staying on-site, since our center is designed to bring you closer to the silence and beauty of your heart. It’s like a sanctuary in which, alongside formal practice, the joy of Being naturally unfolds.

Reasons for Staying On-Site

  • Supporting Silence and Self-Awareness
    Our center supports mauna, silence, and Self-awareness. Staying on-site allows you to more easily maintain a state of introspection and quietness, deepening your practice and your inner journey without the potential interruptions of the external world. It allows you to live in peace, supported by enchanting sounds of nature and the gentle presence of other spiritual seekers.

  • Safety and Peace
    Residing on school premises ensures that you have a secure and peaceful environment, especially at night, so that you can focus entirely on your spiritual journey without concerns. Here, night brings not cares but the serene contemplation of the stars and ocean from our terrace.

  • Ease, Convenience, and Focus
    Living steps away from our meditation halls, dining area, and contemplation spaces means everything you need is within reach, so you can participate in early morning or late-night sessions without disturbance. Thus, there is no need for a daily commute, especially during hot afternoons or late at night. It allows you more time and energy to focus on spiritual practice rather than logistics, making your stay more relaxed and enjoyable.

  • Immersion in a Sacred Space
    Our center is permeated with the energy of continuous practice and dedication. Living here for the duration of your retreat, module, or workshop allows you to fully immerse yourself in this sacred space.
  • Minimize Distractions and Maximize Presence
    Therefore, living on-site means the mundane concerns of the external world grow dim, allowing the flame of Awareness to burn brighter within. This closeness promotes a deeper immersion in the teachings and practices. It supports the elevation of consciousness and purification processes. In this way, it becomes easier to be free from old, compulsive habits and addictions. This environment supports an uplifting rhythm of life, where more and more thoughts, actions, interactions, and moments lead back to the Heart.

  • An Environment Conducive to Simplicity
    The simple, intentional design of our accommodations is meant to mirror the clarity and purity of a mind turned inward, the simplicity of Being. This setting is an invitation to sustain and deepen your awareness of the vibrant, eternal Now. The serene and peaceful atmosphere helps you maintain a meditative state throughout your stay.

  • Spiritually Supportive Community
    Hridaya Yoga is holistic and multidimensional: along with being a yoga and meditation school for Self-Awareness and the opening of the Heart, it’s a conscious, loving, and compassionate sangha (community). Being surrounded by open-hearted people committed to Self-Inquiry meditation and spiritual transformation is a constant reminder of the power of love and awareness. It’s a metaphor for the interconnected web of life and awakens a powerful, collective energy that uplifts everyone.

We have a variety of accommodation options to suit your needs and preferences, ensuring your stay is comfortable, peaceful, and spiritually conducive. For pricing information, please visit the registration page of the program you are interested in. When booking, select a package that includes the course fee and your choice of accommodations, or choose the “course only” option if you decide to stay off-site.

If you would like more information, please contact us.

We look forward to welcoming you to our home in Mazunte.

Other Accommodation Options

It’s also possible to stay in the nearby towns of Mazunte and San Agustinillo, both within walking distance. With the exception of the high seasons around Christmas and Easter, accommodation can be found at a variety of price points. Please visit our Off-Site Accommodation page for an overview of local options. If you plan to stay for several weeks, be sure to negotiate, as you may be able to get a substantial discount.

We look forward to meeting you!