From Pain to Peace

A 3-Day Workshop on the Art of Transmuting Suffering into Awareness

with Claud Vaduva

Presented in English

Learn to Live with an Open Heart

From Pain to Peace is a workshop dedicated to transmuting pain and suffering into Awareness and Presence. For some, suffering is very apparent, while for most, it is hidden in the typical human egoic condition of feeling disconnected, deeply dissatisfied, or like you are not good enough or have not yet arrived. Not understanding, you mistake a natural spiritual longing for a compulsive need to improve your current state with a better situation, a never-ending series of adjustments, never arriving at that resting peace.

During this workshop with Claud, you will learn practical methods to transmute past or current suffering, traumas, or difficulties into awareness. You’ll begin to transform the pain that comes from common psychological conditions related to judging, guilt, shame, jealousy, etc. And, you’ll discover the powerfully transformative spiritual practice of learning how to shift from being lost in intense emotions (such as anger) or ongoing ones (such as sadness) into being vividly present.

Buddha taught that suffering is the direct consequence of a lack of understanding. In this workshop, you’ll work with spiritual practices and techniques from yoga and modern psychology (see below) to experience a shift in perspective and a deepening in love.

This workshop focuses on cultivating Presence and non-reactivity while developing the Heart as an organ of knowledge. You will learn how to become receptive to your deepest, most sacred feelings and perceptions, transcending your limitations and awakening the potential for self-love and compassion, the generosity of forgiveness, and living an authentic life imbued with pure intentions. 


From a vast collection of available material, we will select specific topics relevant to the particular needs of the participants.

For Example:

  • Spiritual principles as the foundation of daily life
  • How to awaken to Presence while facing difficulties
  • The practice of consecration and surrender as a way to transcend personal limitations
  • The development of deep trust and centeredness in the face of adversity
  • Learning how to live with an Open Heart
  • The importance of clarity, discernment, and intention to the process of transformation
  • The freedom found in living authentically instead of fearfully bypassing unpleasant feelings
  • Understanding the ego, the pain body, and the causes of suffering
  • Supportive yogic attitudes, such as non-attachment, contentment, non-violence, and truthfulness
  • Methods for profound relaxation using Hatha Yoga and breathing (pranayama)
  • Brain chemistry (i.e., dopamine) and how it relates to understanding spiritual approaches to facing powerful emotions, compulsions, addictions, and depression
  • Yogic chakra psychology and corresponding purification practices
  • Tonglen, a Tibetan technique for amplifying self-compassion and love
  • NLP techniques to shift the perception of past events

Booking Information

Claud offers this workshop at our centers in Longeval and Mazunte. Please visit our calendars (France and Mexico) to see if it is currently scheduled.