Inner Non-Violent Revolution:

A Free Online Course
on Self-Awareness

“There is nothing critical, there is nothing urgent, except Self-Awareness.”

Join Hridaya’s founder on a journey to discovering who you really are. Over a series of ten talks (satsangs), Sahaja offers wisdom, insights, and practical exercises to guide you in connecting with and living from the Heart.

The word satsang comes from the Sanskrit words sat (“truth”) and sangha (“association”) and refers to “associating with truth,” or “being in the company of the wise.” By being in Sahaja’s company via watching this series of videos, you will be receiving the teachings directly from him, which may help you understand them on a deeper level.

Notes from the satsangs are available below and all of the videos are here.

Satsang Notes

Find videos to accompany all of the satsang notes on our YouTube channel.