Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 4

Deepen Your Practice

Expand Your Consciousness

If you’ve graduated from Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 3, Module 4 is waiting for you. At this level, practices get even more profound. You’ll feel a sense of ease as you perform techniques that you’re familiar with and kindle your aspiration as you learn powerful new practices. 

Module 4 features the exploration of 4 new asanas and 3 new pranayamas. You’ll deepen your practice of the bandhas and learn a technique that synergistically uses all three bandhas to awaken kundalini shakti. You’ll discover the spiritual aspects of fasting and experience meditation on phosphenes, a beautiful way to open to Divine Light.

This module is designed to offer you the best conditions to dissolve the ego and expand your consciousness. Join us and take your practice to a deeper level.

Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 4
With the teachers’ tenderness and devotion, Module 4’s teachings supported me in discovering new opportunities to go deeper, through longer Hatha Yoga sessions and an enriched pranayama practice. Learning bandha traya was also a blessing, as it allowed me to witness, awaken, and better control subtle energies.

You’ll Experience:

  • Hatha Yoga sessions that feature a comprehensive explanation of additional asanas, pranayamas, and meditation techniques
  • A deepening practice of the bandhas, including the introduction of bandha traya
  • Meditation on phosphenes, opening you to spiritual light
  • The healing power of vowel pranayama and the “cooling” pranayamas
  • The opportunity to do a multi-day fast





  • Module 4 is a comprehensive program that features 10 days of instruction over a 22-day course cycle.
  • Each day includes a 4-hour theory and practice class.
  • Group discussions, personal support from teachers, and the opportunity to immerse yourself in a yogic community help you go deeper in your practice.
  • You’ll also receive a course booklet containing a wealth of information to support your understanding of the teachings.

A Typical Course Day Includes:

  • 1 hour of meditation (optional)
  • A 4-hour theory and practice session (lecture, asanas, pranayama, mental concentration, and meditation)
  • Time for personal practice and Karma Yoga


Module 4 features 10 classes over 12 days.
7:00–8:00 Meditation
8:15–12:15 Hatha Yoga and Teachings
12:15–13:00 Lunch
13:00-15:00 Break
15:00-17:30 Personal Practice or Karma Yoga
17:30-18:15 Dinner
18:15-22:00 Free Time or Optional Activities
22:00 Mauna (Noble Silence)
Module 4 features 10 classes over a 22-day cycle.
7:00–8:00 am Meditation
8:30 am–12:30 pm Hatha Yoga and teachings

Schedule subject to change.

Pricing and Registration

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August 14 – 27, 2022Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 4Pricing and Registration

Please Note:

  • This course is presented in English.
  • Please read our Payment, Refund, and Amendment Guidelines as well as our on-site Covid-19 measures before booking.
  • The dates listed above are for accommodation. The course begins the morning after the date of arrival and ends the afternoon before departure. Check-in is available from 14:00 on arrival day.
  • Hridaya Yoga is a non-profit organization. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to practice, which is why we keep our prices low. If the rates still exceed your budget, you are welcome to apply for a scholarship. We will happily consider your request and try to find a way to support you.
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