“Is Kali, my Mother, really black?
The Naked One, of blackest hue,
Lights the Lotus of the Heart…” ~Ramakrishna

For centuries, Dark Room retreats (meditation retreats in rooms completely devoid of light) have been known to induce profound shifts in consciousness. Hridaya Yoga invites you to deepen your meditation practice by experiencing a private retreat in our Dark Room (Kaya Kalpa), a room specially prepared to admit no light. You may choose the length of the retreat, and we can provide meals and other support for your practice.

Dark Room Retreats: The Hridaya Yoga Perspective

Hridaya Yoga considers that darkness and the abyss are nothing to be afraid of because who we really are is the very essence of Darkness and Light as well. There are not animalistic tendencies at the bottom of our being. Even if it might appear like this for many people, nirvana is there and the Supreme Self, consciousness, is the background of it. Sometimes the darkness of anguish or desperation or fear or death can instantaneously reveal pure awareness, nonconceptual bliss. And this is because there is a quantum leap between what seems to be the bottom and the top. The abyss is as much topless as bottomless.

This Pure Darkness will absorb many of our obscure trends, of our psychological “darkness,” and of our fears arising from the lack of awareness. As black holes absorb enormous quantities of matter, in a similar way, in the psychological domain, the darkness of transcendence can absorb our limited personal emotions and psychic residues.

In a Dark Retreat, as in deep sleep, the whole objective world disappears. But, it remains the Witness “surrounded” by nothingness. We are aware of this nothingness and eventually, in this Nothingness, the Witness is revealed as the very nature of it. Then, it is still Nothing, but the Nothingness is not meaningless anymore, or just a lapse in memory, but is full awareness, the Witness.

The Hridaya Yoga Center’s Dark Room

Our center in Mazunte features a well-appointed, air-conditioned Dark Room ideal for solitary retreats of any length of time.

Dark Room Retreat Fees

  • 1-3 Nights:
  • 4-7 Nights:
  • 8-29 Nights:
  • 30+ Nights:
  • $44 USD
  • $37 USD
  • $30 USD
  • $23 USD

Nightly rates do not include food, but this can be arranged separately (breakfasts cost $4 USD and dinners cost $5 USD each*). Check-in is at 6:00 pm and check-out is at 10:00 am unless other arrangements have been made. Please note, during our yoga modules, the kitchen is closed on Sundays. This means that if you decide to have meals with us on Sunday, we will provide you with leftovers from Saturday. You may also arrange for a friend to prepare and deliver your food on Sunday if you prefer.

*Meal prices will increase on June 25, 2021: Breakfasts will be $5 USD each and dinners, $6 USD.

Apply Now!

Please visit this page for more information and an application. Note that we recommend planning your retreat at least a month in advance as the application process takes time.

Want to learn more?

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