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Our Goal

The Community Development Department’s goal of integrating the Hridaya Yoga Center with the local Mexican community has been rapidly gaining momentum. This interconnection was part of Sahajananda’s founding vision, and as the school has grown since its inception in 2012, so too has our capacity to reach out to our neighbors. With the help of sangha members such as Dee, Alba, Beata, and Sunny, our Community Development Department has created relationships with members of the local community that have expanded our understanding of the culture and allowed us to begin to share the non-dual teachings that we hold so dear.

Our Vision

To create strong relationships with the local community, touching their hearts by showing interest in and care for their lives.
To share the teachings of the Heart. This sharing can be formal (classes) as well as informal (modeling what it means to “Live with an Open Heart”).

Our Current Weekly Activities

  • Weekly Hatha Yoga Drop-In classes in Spanish
  • Sharing the Non-Dual teachings of the heart in the local Middle School
  • Intensive English course
  • Local Lifeguard Educational Workshops
  • Local PET recycling campaign in collaboration with the San Agustinillo Primary School
  • Local Seva Day Tequios
Educando el corazón- Sharing the Heart with Kindergarteners

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Celia’s Case/Grow in Giving/Contributions and Care

Celia Hernandez Jimenez & her two sisters Ana and Marcelina have been feeding the Hridaya community for nearly 10 years. A beloved and vital part of our daily operations, accommodations and kitchen support, Celia and her sisters need our help.

Celia and her family have continuously faced economic difficulties. Recently their financial situation worsened, resulting in seemingly insurmountable amounts of debt. The family’s financial difficulties are primarily attributed to the treatment of Celia’s deaf grandson, Johan. His condition has required costly surgeries, implant repairs, rehabilitation, therapies, and costly procedures in addition to the burden of insurance-related fees. Other debt-contributing factors include health-related complications, transportation issues, loss of occupations, and difficulties within the family structure.

Through the income Celia and her sisters make monthly working at our Hridaya center, they support the entire extended family and are responsible for the livelihood of 16 children (9 children and seven grandchildren.)
The current burden is approximately 329,000 pesos, roughly 17,240 USD

We really want to honor their commitments to Hridaya and help ease their burdens and lift up the entire family by providing financial aid through this global and public platform by calling on the open support of the wider Hridaya community and beyond.