It Is Love Itself That Sanctifies

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It Is Love Itself That Sanctifies

By Sahajananda 

“Love is the bridge between you and everything.” –Rumi

The Union of Love and Faith

Celebrating St. Valentine’s Day is not merely about romantic love or honoring a saint. We immerse ourselves in a sacred tradition that honors Love as the supreme act of faith in who we really are. For to love is to believe in peace and beauty, to embrace the infinite, and to trust in the divine mystery. Faithfulness in love is not a passive force; it is a roaring flame that burns away all that is false and illusory.

St. Valentine—Daring to Love

According to popular legend, in Ancient Rome, an emperor commanded young men to suppress love, believing that hearts untouched by love would be braver in battle, devoted solely to the empire’s glory.

Imagine a world where the joining of two souls in the sacred communion of marriage was forbidden, where threats of punishment and burdens of fear overshadowed Love, the very essence of human connection. Nevertheless, social constraints and oppositions were catalysts for more profound love, revealing the human soul’s invincible power and inherent divinity. For even in the face of prohibition, love found its delightful expression and sanctuary in the chests of those who dared to open to it. 

In the absence of public ceremonies, lovers whispered their vows to the wind, to the stars, to the divine witness that required no temples or altars but the silent acknowledgment of the Heart, the soul’s recognition of its completion in the open mirror of the lover’s soul. To love in such times was to surrender to the unseen, the eternal, over the transient commands of power.

In choosing love, they chose to honor the Divine within, to declare, in silence, that love is the highest law, the truest form of worship, and the most profound expression of humanity. 

That’s why such clandestine unions were symbols of commitment between two souls and between the soul and the Divine.

It Is Love Itself That Sanctifies

Of course, authentic love is not dependent upon the state’s blessings nor the restriction of external rites. At its core, it’s a divine covenant between souls that transcends the need for earthly validation. For, ultimately, it is Love that consecrates, Love that sanctifies, Love that elevates the union of hearts to the realm of the eternal. Any sacred ceremony of love affirms what is eternally ordained in heaven. Still, human beings always yearn to celebrate their love in the presence of people, symbols of the ultimate witness, the Self. 

A Martyrdom of Love Unlocks Boundless Realms of Light

Valentine, a Christian priest, was always available to hold such services of love, since he wisely saw men not merely as soldiers, as instruments of war, but as guardians of love, bearers of the light of life. Under nighttime’s silent stars, he bravely united lovers in holy matrimony. He was defying the emperor’s edict and every power that seeks to chain the human heart or to constrain its boundless capacity to love. For his disobedience, he was sentenced to death on the fourteenth of February. It is remarkable to see how that moment of extreme desperation, sorrow, and defeat, a day of death, is now celebrated as the day of Love—through time, what alchemy in human consciousness. 

But any sadness at his execution was just a worldly perspective because upon his earthly departure, St. Valentine’s soul was embraced by celestial beings, and the heavens themselves opened wide their gates, yearning for the return of a luminous spirit. His martyrdom was a key that unlocked boundless realms of light; his legacy continues to echo across time and space, a reminder that to love is to see the face of God.

The Conscious Choice to Love

As in the days of St. Valentine, today, wars still rage both on land and within souls; forces around us advocate resolving conflicts by crushing others, by finding strength in aggression. However, true power resides in Love—a force that defies constraints, heals wounds, and dissolves boundaries. It invites us to a revolution of compassion, replacing weapons with the embrace of understanding and connection, opening our eyes to contemplate the beauty of the inner kingdom of the Heart.

The Revolution against the Tyranny of the Ordinary

St. Valentine’s rebellion was quiet yet powerful—not one of warfare but of hearts and sacred promises. It was an affirmation that the true essence of humanity lies in love, not strife and war. It was an opposition to the idea that the orders of powerful men could govern love. In every secret union he blessed, St. Valentine sowed the seeds of a love that transcends the laws of the land and touches the Divine. 

Similarly, in the depths of our hearts, there lies a silent inner revolution against the tyranny of the ordinary. St. Valentine’s Day is a sacred opportunity to renew the vows of our hearts, both to sentient beings and God.

Let this day stand as a symbol, inviting us to choose love as our true strength and enduring peace as our triumph. In Love, we connect deeply with others, find genuine freedom, and touch the divine. In Love, we rediscover who we really are, Hridaya, the Supreme Self.

Walking The Path of St. Valentine

Each time we choose Love in the face of adversity, every moment we open our hearts and let them sing, we walk the path of St. Valentine. And as happened with his acts, our gestures will surely echo in the future, as in this rebellion lies our liberation, the liberation of humanity.

The Oak and the Cypress Grow Not in Each Other’s Shadows

On St. Valentine’s Day, as people exchange signs and whispers of affection, let us also realize that Love is not the binding of two souls in the chains of possession or suffocating others through attachment but a blissful union in the freedom of mutual, uplifting understanding, blossoming, and enlightenment. The oak and the cypress tree grow not in each other’s shadows. In love, let there be spaces of Stillness; be together, yet let solitude increase awareness and beauty, like the strings of a lute, which are apart though they quiver with the same music.

Renewal of Commitments to Love

On this day, let’s reflect on how Love manifests in our lives; let’s renew our deep commitment to Love in all its forms—romantic love, the quiet love of a friend, the gentle love of a parent, the innocent love of a child, and the enduring love of the spirit. Let’s acknowledge that Love is about the beauty of uniting souls, the most precious secret of our shared humanity, and that a whisper of love shared between lovers may become a shout of joy that echoes through the entire universe. 

Love is not a treasure to be stored or possessed but a constant unfolding of freshness and beauty.

To love each other is to see the face of God reflected in our eyes. It is to recognize that in the depths of our being, we are mirrors of divine infinite potential.

To love is to touch eternity, to glimpse the boundless possibilities that dwell within the human spirit.

P.S. Make this day a celebration of the Heart in its purest form. Prepare a poem, a story, or simply offer your beautiful, conscious presence to your lover, friend, or someone dear to you. 

“Remember. The way you make love is the way God will be with you.” –Rumi

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