The Awakened Masculine Intensive

An Initiatory Retreat for Men on the Art of Masculine Embodiment, Honest Brotherhood, Inner Work, and Spiritual Depth

with Ian Wilkes

April 25–28, 2024

Presented in English in Longeval, France

Become the Heart-Centered Man You Wish to See in the World

In this retreat with Ian Wilkes, you’ll learn to embody and powerfully lead all areas of your life from the Heart-centered loving presence and freedom you are. You’ll learn what healthy and mature masculine embodiment looks like and how to integrate what it means to be a man into the spiritual path. 

Through embodied practice, men’s councils, group healing work, meditation, and the alchemy of sacred brotherhood, you’ll be invited to meet the most vulnerable corners of your heart and do the inner work necessary to heal all that’s holding you back in your life, relationships, path, and beyond. 

You’ll be called to express your truth, own your fears, face your pain, and be given the opportunity to be held in all of that by a like-hearted brotherhood that deeply cares for you. The importance, beauty, and nourishment of having true and honest brothers by your side on the journey will be life-changing in itself.

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This retreat will give you a well-rounded framework for what the path of both healing and awakening looks like, specifically for the masculine heart, and how to live it. You’ll experience a coherent synthesis of modern healing modalities like trauma release, inner child work, relationship therapy, and men’s work and understand how all of this supports and integrates into the ultimate healing path of Self-Inquiry and the teachings of Ramana Maharshi.


Join Us and Learn:

  • Self-Inquiry and the teachings of Ramana Maharshi in order to embody your unshakable core of loving presence and live from that depth, peace, and presence
  • How to access, reconcile, and somatically heal emotional wounds and traumas from your past and how that work integrates into the spiritual path
  • How to powerfully embody your unique and most mature masculine qualities as a gift to the Earth
  • The profound healing power of sacred brotherhood and what it means to connect on heart-to-heart with a group of men
  • How to fully trust yourself and other men and how to support others on the journey of healing and awakening 
  • How to speak your truth, own your fears, face your shadows, and expand beyond the limitations of your mind and nervous system into new realms of expansion and inner freedom 
  • How the experiences of your childhood are still playing out in your relationships and all other areas of your life and how to start the healing process
  • How to expand the capacity of your nervous system through embodied practice, becoming able to hold the storms and difficulties of life with more ease, relaxation, and presence
  • How to deepen in Self-awareness and the remembrance of who you truly are through meditation and men’s councils

Workshop Leader

Ian Wilkes

Ian is a Hridaya teacher, yoga therapist, breathwork and trauma release facilitator, couple’s intimacy coach, men’s work facilitator, and transformational life coach from Vermont, USA. After attending business school and living in New York City as a hotel manager for seven years, Ian experienced a deep longing for truth, healing, and depth and left normal Western life behind.

Ian spent ten years traveling the world, studying and practicing with masters from many ancient spiritual traditions from the Himalayas to the Amazon, as well as learning many modern healing modalities. In 2016, he started the charity project Anahata Ma to help bring clean water to tribal villages in Southern India, provide healthcare for people without access, and support orphanages. Ian continues this project to this day. He also started teaching yoga and meditation and hosting kirtans internationally while based mainly in Berlin, Germany. 

In 2019, Ian found Hridaya and was so deeply touched by the teachings of the Heart and Sahajananda that he decided to stay by his side for over a year, becoming a Hridaya teacher and dear family member of the sangha.

Today, Ian’s life is dedicated to the Heart and sharing the teachings of Love and the ultimate Truth. He spends several months a year in solitary silent retreats, is an active teacher at our center in Longeval, and offers his own online courses, retreats, and one-on-one mentorship programs.

Transforming yourself is a means of giving light to the whole world.”
–Ramana Maharshi


April 25th*

14:30–17:30Opening Ceremony and Session (Mandatory)
18:30–20:30Men’s Council

April 26th & 27th

6:30–8:30Morning Practice
8:30–9:15Breakfast (Self-Catered)
9:15–12:15Morning Session
12:15–14:30Lunch and Break
14:30–17:30Afternoon Session
17:30–19:00Dinner and Break
19:00–20:30Men’s Council

April 28th

7:00–9:00Morning Practice
9:00–10:00Breakfast (Self-Catered)
10:00–13:00Final Men’s Council/Closing Ceremony

*The opening session on the 25th is a mandatory part of the program. If you can’t arrange transportation to arrive before 2:30 pm that day, please plan to come on the 24th.

Schedule subject to change.

man with hand on another man's chest in the awakened masculine intensive

Pricing and Registration

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April 24–28, 2024The Awakened Masculine IntensiveIan WilkesPricing and Registration

Please Note:

  • This workshop is presented in English at our center in Longeval, France.
  • The dates listed above are from the day before the opening ceremony through the last day of the retreat. As the retreat begins at 3:00 pm on April 25th, you may choose to arrive that day as long as you can comfortably check-in prior to the first session. The retreat ends at lunchtime on April 28th. You can checkout on the 28th or extend your stay with us via the duration/date options provided on the booking page.
  • This retreat is open to men only. No previous yoga, meditation, or men’s work experience is required.
  • If you wish to have breakfast during the retreat, we sell cereal, fruit, and plant-based milks in the Yogi Shop.
  • Please read our Payment, Refund, and Amendment Guidelines before booking.
  • For more information about our center, including how to get to Longeval, please visit this page.


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