Your Space

Sophie Weiser is a 2015 Hridaya Teacher Training Course graduate who has her roots in the advertisement and art world. Returning to Berlin after the HTTC, Sophie noticed the lack of Heart connections with most of her friends. It was then that she and Michaela Aue decided to open Your Space as a base camp from which to spread the Hridaya teachings.
Sophie was quick to notice how important a reconnection to intuition and the Heart is, especially in management and corporate circles. She now teaches retreats, ongoing classes, and management workshops. She is currently focusing on expanding her outreach efforts and holding space for other teachers in Berlin.

What is the name of your branch and where are you located?

Since 2016, we have operated as Your Space in Berlin, Germany. We host and facilitate a number of different teachers, classes, and workshops. The unique thing about Your Space is that we strive to be flexible both inside and outside the studio―meaning we host events all over Berlin, so it’s important to check our website or Facebook page to see our current offerings.

What ongoing courses and activities do you offer?

Your SpaceWe offer ongoing yoga and beginner’s meditation classes. We also host sessions covering everything from shamanic drum journeys and breath work to cacao ceremonies and heart meditation. We also regularly delve into a variety of unique subjects such as the art of fermentation, drum building, and self-hypnosis.

What stands out the most about your branch?

In this entertainment world, we have realized the need for people to find their own path to a deeper experience. Because of this, Your Space offers a variety of entry points. Aside from having multiple locations, we are also working on spreading seeds in the corporate world with meditation and bodywork as well as creating individual mindfulness tracks for corporate employees.

What does the future hold for Your Space?

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We currently host workshops and classes at three different locations: Soho House, Friends Space, and KIN space—but we are working very hard towards opening a semi-permanent space again very soon!