Shakti Heart Retreat Hridaya

A 3-Day Women’s Retreat with Alison Bond

Exploring Heart-Based Tantric Femininity

How can we cultivate self-love and shine this love into the world? In this 3-day Shakti Heart Retreat on tantric femininity and heart-based practices, we will dive deep inside and discover the light of love within.

Because of cultural conditioning that glorifies masculine qualities, many women either do not value or are completely disconnected from their innate feminine gifts. With an open and alive heart, we begin to experience life through a lens of sacredness and love, embracing all the nuances and dimensions of womanhood.

In this retreat, like-minded women will come together to create a space of support and sisterhood. Join us, as we peel away layers of fear and limitation, connect with Sacred Femininity, and reveal the radiance of the Heart!

We Will Explore:

    • Self-love
    • Sacred dance
    • Conscious menstruation
    • Feminine archetypes
    • The ancient art of the jade egg
    • The sacredness of the yoni
    • Sharing circles and sisterhood
    • Meditations to connect with the Heart
    • Embracing the sacred power of our sexuality

    No previous experience in yoga or meditation is necessary.


Morning Session: 8:30 am-1:00 pm
Afternoon Session: 3:30-7:00 pm