Inspiring Ancient Books and their Practical Application

Svadhyaya means “self-study” and belongs to the essential yogic practices, the niyama. It is a way to expand the individual consciousness. It helps us go beyond personal limitations and, even, beyond the mind. Once svadhyaya has become a constant practice, the spiritual path turns into a secure endeavor. The Self-enquiry method is a fundamental way to practice svadhyaya. In addition, the study of ancient scriptures brings us deeper in awareness.

The purpose of svadhyaya is to enrich ourselves with the knowledge of the ones who have been there before, by means of a meditative approach to reading a sacred text or teachings. It is a great joy when reading a relevant book on meditation or yoga, when we find revelations or references to states of consciousness that we have already had. These confirmations amplify our spiritual aspiration and trust in the efficiency of the path.

The Scripture Studies Series

To support the practice of svadhyaya, in the Scripture Studies series we will study the most relevant traditional yogic treatises. In weekly meetings, Sahajananda will offer his commentaries and interpretations of these fundamental texts, helping us gain insight into this spiritual wisdom from the past and integrate its lessons into our daily lives and practice.