As part of the program of the Hridaya Yoga Center, we occasionally celebrate Hindu festivals and perform sacred rituals, pujas. You can read more about these traditions via the links below.


Navratri is one of the most celebrated Hindu festivals. The celebration, which literally translates as “nine nights,” is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Durga, the mother goddess who also represents power. The festival worships Goddess Durga or Shakti, which represents the energy of the universe, in her nine beautiful forms with great reverence. It is […]

yoni puja

Yoni Puja: Worshipping Shakti The most well-known treatise about worshipping the yoni is, without doubt, Yoni Tantra. As is the case in many other Tantras, this tantric text is a dialog between Shiva and Parvati. It reveals the highly revered sadhana practiced by kaulas (tantrics), the yoni puja. It is known that the Kaulas (Kaula […]


Worship of the Shiva Lingam “Shaivism is intimately connected with the Shiva lingam. This is a beautiful symbol that in the highest sense represents consciousness.” -Swami Satyananda The Shiva lingam is an ancient symbol consisting of a pillar, column, or standing stone and a ring or circle in which the standing stone is placed. The […]