A 3-Day Workshop on Deepening the Tantric Lovemaking Practice

with Antoaneta

If you’re curious about tantric lovemaking, whatever your experience level, the Tantra Is Bliss workshop will help you learn methods and techniques for exploring the art of tantric intimacy. Tantra is a spiritual practice which is thought to have originated in India in around the fifth century which includes earthly aspects, including sexuality, in the path to liberation. This workshop will focus mainly on practical, efficient methods and techniques from Tantra, Taoism, and mysticism through which the practitioner can harness sexual energy to reach altered states of consciousness and, ultimately, to go beyond.

This workshop is appropriate for men and women, couples and singles. Many of the techniques presented are meditation-based and can be practiced alone or together. There will also be teachings on more specific topics such as pleasure anatomy, the art of foreplay, cultivating sexual energy, prolonging intercourse and multiple orgasms (male and female).

Teachings and practices will be presented to the whole group, as well as separate sessions for gender-specific teachings. All teaching will be presented with a commitment to the sacredness of sexuality and with respect, compassion, and authenticity. Whether your intention is to overcome barriers to intimacy, to take an already fantastic lovemaking practice to new heights, or something in between, the practical nature of this workshop will provide you with excellent tools to realize your desires.

The Tantra Is Bliss workshop does not include any nudity or explicit sexuality.

Special Teachings for Men:

  • The art of foreplay
  • Women’s pleasure map (the G-spot and other sensitive points)
  • The art of cunnilingus
  • Prolonging intercourse
  • Achieving multiple orgasms

Special Teachings for Women:

  • The art of foreplay
  • Men’s pleasure map
  • The art of fellatio
  • Cultivating female sexual energy
  • Becoming multi-orgasmic

If you have any questions about the content of this event or the specifics of enrollment, please email us at info@hridaya-yoga.com.