Moving From Within: A 3-Day Workshop on Deepening Our Understanding of Love through Body & Spirit, with Chris Van Der Weide

During this workshop, we will use somatic dance, Tantric and devotional practices, and meditation and sharing circles to explore what true openness means. Ecstatic abundance is met with silent introspection, the solo journey with the play of traveling together. We’ll shake our insides out on the dance floor and dive deep into the experience of life, into the realm of energy and connection.

Movement sessions alternate with Tantric exercises and time for truthful reflection. We will learn how to fully receive and give, by exploring both roles. Through being fully present and aware on this journey, our path will unfold with more and more clarity. It is an invitation to let go that which does not serve us any longer and make space for what wants to grow and blossom—the unknown.

In Moving From Within we will explore:

  • Daily silent and dynamic meditations
  • Somatic and ecstatic dance sessions
  • Ourselves and each other in various (non-sexual) Tantric exercises
  • Devotional rituals
  • Teachings/sharings on intimacy and sexuality, including elements from SkyDancing Tantra and Ridwan

This is a beautiful opportunity to dive deeper into yourself and/or your relationship within the safe support of a group setting. Feel free to fully let go!

This workshop contains elements from Sky Dancing Tantra, 5 Rhythms, Contact Improvisation, the Skinner Releasing Technique, and Non-Violent Communication.

Past participants on Moving From Within:

  • “Liberating and groundbreaking.” –Florien
  • “I had to get used to it at first, like a bird learning how to fly who discovers that he can!” –Machiel
  • “I met profound joy and laughter, such liberation! I met and released deep fear and pain,
  • surrendered and trusted. I felt supported and held—actually, I can not express this in words.” –Mandy
  • “…like there was a rhythm on the background which was moving and whenever I tried to go my own way it became a fight. Whenever I was not surrendering, it became stagnant. In letting go, I was just taken by that rhythm. This brought a very profound clarity and emotional release. I am tired of trying so hard to create the right Life. Life is created already and I am the prove and realization of that.” –Uma
  • “I finally cried, I never cry. It was such a gift to cry!” –Che
  • “I met the child in me with such utter joy!” –Dirk

The Moving From Within workshop will be facilitated by Hridaya teacher Chris Van Der Weide. For more information about the course content, email: