A 3-Day Tantra Workshop Exploring the Use of Sexual Energy for Spiritual Evolution
with Marco Trabucco and Amita Albini

This workshop will share the fundamental elements of Tantra Yoga, including practical techniques. Tantra is not limited to sexual practice, but encompasses it, allowing sexuality to be integrated into personal and spiritual evolution. Sexual energy is a fundamental energy that fuels the entire being’s functioning—creative capacity, intellectual prowess, affective potential, willpower, and even spiritual aspiration all derive from this initial, primary force. However, many people, while developing and growing on other levels, remain stagnant and stuck in regards to sexuality. Tantra offers tools for the conservation and optimum utilization of this basic energy. The teachings are scientific and practical, with an emphasis on real-world application, while the background is metaphysical and in keeping with ancient yogic philosophy.

All exercises in this workshop will be geared toward deepening emotional connection and building energetic sensitivity. The essence of the teachings is a method of channeling this otherwise undirected and sometimes misguided energy and using it to achieve greater potential. Emphasis is also placed on re-evaluating relationships and replacing the idea of lovemaking as simply a way to experience pleasure with the understanding of its power to support true connection and reveal higher states of consciousness.

This workshop will be dedicated to the fundamentals necessary to begin tantric practice.

Topics include:

  • A historical perspective on Tantra Yoga
  • An introduction to chakras and polarity
  • The philosophical basis of Brahmacharya
  • Sublimation, transmutation, and channeling of the sexual energy
  • Hatha Yoga asanas useful for tantric practice
  • The difference between orgasm and ejaculation
  • An explanation of the curves of pleasure
  • Kinds of retention and methods for becoming continent
  • The types of female orgasm
  • Training the vaginal muscles, including ancient practices with yoni eggs
  • Tantric massage and ways to unlock the G-spot
  • Unleashing female sexuality to empower women to reach their full potential
  • Reaching whole body orgasms that lead to ecstasy
  • Using sexuality for the realization of the Self

 This workshop is open to singles and couples of all sexual preferences. No previous experience in Tantra is necessary and there is no nudity or explicit sexuality.


Morning Session: 8:30 am-1:00 pm
Afternoon Session: 4:00-7:00 pm

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