“Let life be beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn leaves.” –Rabindranath Tagore

A 3-Day Workshop Delving into the Mystery of Death and the Meaning of Life
with Claudiu Vaduva

This workshop shares the non-dual Hridaya Yoga perspective on death and dying, bringing awareness to one of life’s most taboo topics. Learning to embrace death as a definite, natural event is a process of spiritual awakening that leads to living more fully every day.

The Art of Death and Dying workshop is a harmonious blend of philosophy, meditation, and practical exercises. Join us and be inspired to live with enthusiasm and joy, prioritizing loving more and awakening to your real purpose.


  • Dying and death catalysts for spiritual awakening
  • Purifying fears around death and dying
  • Awareness and self-discovery of fears, aspirations, and priorities
  • How to be with a dying person or someone who has experienced the death of a beloved person
  • What happens after death and the description of the bardo, the “in-between,” from the Tibetan Book of the Dead
  • Dream Yoga as a way to prepare for death
  • The viewpoints of different traditions regarding life, dying, and after-death
  • The impact of near-death experiences and their resulting inspirations
  • Living with an Open Heart, continuously transcending impermanence while resting in the reality of the Self