Dance of the Divine Feminine Workshop: A 2-Day Workshop for Women with Dominique Didinal


Reawaken Your Radiance, Embrace Your Sensuality, and Reclaim Your Feminine Power Through Mystical Dance, Sacred Sisterhood, and Goddess Ritual

As a woman, modern life can leave you feeling disconnected from your body, your inherently sensual and feminine nature, and from yourself. But, it’s possible to bring a sense of enchantment, beauty, and joy back to life.

This weekend workshop designed especially for women offers the opportunity awaken your own unique and divinely feminine energy through sacred dance, sister circle work, meditation, and the magic of ritual and goddess ceremony.

Hridaya Yoga and Mystical Dance teacher Dominique will lead this loving exploration on how to:

  • Reawaken your radiance
  • Unravel the sensuality and wisdom of your own body
  • Reclaim your feminine power
  • Discover more magic, sacredness, and beauty in your life
  • Receive the softness, love, and support of sisterhood

The workshop will include:

  • Mystical Dance
    Experience the ancient art of dance as a form of moving prayer, self-expression, discovery, and connection to your own inherent mystery. Explore what it means to be “danced from within” by enjoying freestyle movement, belly dance techniques, and Tantric energy work to help unravel the sensuality and wisdom of the body.
  • Meditation and Women’s Circles
    Feel the power of sacred sisterhood as you dive deep into intensely beautiful circle work and sensitive sharing. Explore your own nature as you nurture, support, and lovingly reflect other women’s unique relationship to the divine feminine.
  • Sacred Ceremony
    Channel your high priestess through sacred rituals and ceremonies to call in goddesses from Indian Tantra and Tibetan Buddhism. Tara, the deity of love, compassion, and healing, and Lakshmi, goddess of fortune and abundance, will inspire you to manifest their divine qualities in your own being and life. The workshop will culminate in a cacao ceremony to the Goddess Lakshmi.

Suitable for Beginners

The Dance of the Divine Feminine Workshop is open to women of all ages and levels of experience, including beginners. It doesn’t matter whether you are new to dance or an old hand, whether you have a spiritual practice or are happily agnostic—all of the techniques presented are simply a way to guide you back to the innate wisdom, truth, and love contained within your very own body and your very own heart.

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