cultivating compassion

A 3-Day Workshop with Luna

The Compassionate Communication Workshop provides a fundamental theoretical understanding as well as the experiential embodiment of essential elements that can help us remain connected to our compassionate and loving nature in the midst of any situation—regardless of how challenging it appears to be.

Using the framework of Non-Violent Communication (NVC) as well as the non-dual approach inspired by the Self-Enquiry Method, we will explore how to:

  • Authentically express ourselves with compassion and self-responsibility
  • Listen empathically, regardless of how tragic the other person’s expression might be
  • Offer (self-)compassion and (self-)empathy
  • Cultivate self-love and self-awareness

Compassionate Communication Workshop Topics:

This workshop will prioritize interactive and meaningful practice, emphasizing the demonstration and usage of the Non-Violent Communication tools that will be offered.

According to the needs of the group, we will explore topics relevant to participants’ current situations. We will touch upon:

  • Transforming habitual emotional/mental patterns and reactivity (blame, anger, resentment, defensiveness) into conscious responses based on freedom of choice and compassion
  • Transcending judgments, evaluations, and the need for fixing and solving by connecting to the alive value of the core needs within ourselves and others
  • Cultivating a heartfelt connection with ourselves and others
  • Sharing authentically in Truth and nakedness versus closing down in the face of conflict
  • Shifting the paradigm from power over people to power with people
  • Learning tools for conflict resolution

Practices Shared:

An artfully integrated array of practices will be offered, including journaling, role-playing, body NVC, asanas to activate the heart chakra, heart-based and Hridaya meditations, Self-Enquiry, and group dynamics.

Expected Benefits:

  • Staying centered and compassionate in times of conflict
  • Transforming reactivity and limiting patterns into conscious responses that connect us with what we value most deeply.
  • Speaking the truth in transparency, self-connection, and full accountability.
  • Listening for the deeper meaning in what others are communicating, even if it sounds like blame or judgment
  • Holding space for meeting both personal needs and the needs of others in a harmonious and balanced way
  • Making empowered choices by remaining connected to our core values


Morning Session: 7am – 11am
Afternoon Session: 1pm – 5pm