Teachings on transcending the limitations of ego and personality – with Sahajananda

Human beings do not realize the extent to which their own sense of defeat prevents them from doing things they could do perfectly well. The peak experience induces the recognition that your own powers are far greater than you imagined them.” –Colin Wilson

Breaking the Limits – The Cure for Human Suffering

The evolution of human consciousness has always been deeply connected with the aspiration of breaking the constraints of a limited condition. Peak experiences are those graceful moments that bring the highest levels of harmony, happiness, and understanding. They are often regarded as a sudden recognition of what should be the norm in a truly healthy, perfect human life. However, although peak experiences offer powerful sparks of insight, they are not the real purpose of practice.

Many spiritual practitioners perceive a discrepancy between the deep revelations and high states of consciousness that occur in phases of intensive practice and their daily life experiences. The echoes of peak experiences sometimes fade quite quickly and, as the insights they offer are not fully integrated into daily life via thought, action, and speech, the spiritual understanding they inspire is not validated.

The Hridaya teachings present a tantric and, therefore, world-embracing approach to spirituality which aims to integrate these insights into daily life, thereby revealing the consciousness of oneness. The main obstacle to this integration is the powerful daily reinforced identification with ego structures, personal history, and past conditioning.

This workshop is designed to offer:

  1. Efficient tools for spiritual transformation, and
  2. An understanding of how these tools bring real freedom

Freedom from Limitation Brings Death to the Ego

The theoretical and practical teachings offered in this workshop focus on different ways of transcending the limitations of personality in order to learn how to break free from the boundaries of ego structures.

This 3-day workshop provides a systematic historical analysis and the traditional categorizations of practitioners, demonstrating different paths to transcendence. It also offers practical advice on how to recognize psycho-mental patterns, employing the Hridaya Yoga Psychology approach to demonstrate efficient ways to overcome past conditioning by the application of non-reactivity and dis-identification.

Topics Covered

  • The kinds of human limitations, including limits that should be transcended and limits that can/should be accepted
  • What “Spiritual Liberation” really is
  • Kundalini and Laya Yoga
  • The tantric practice of ‘‘puri?cation of the elements’’ (bhuta suddhi)
  • The traditional qualities of a spiritual practitioner
  • The 6 conditions for attaining realization in Yoga
  • The Siddhi – understood both as paranormal powers and Self-realization (the 8 Mahasiddhi) – and, the ways of obtaining them
  • Practical consequences of Advaita Vedanta and Kashmir Shaivism’s philosophies on human and universal freedom from limitations (superimposition doctrine – apavada; impurities – mala; classes of spiritual paths and aspirants – upayas)
  • The 3 stages of spiritual evolution
  • Ecstatic, Contemplative, Operative, and Symbolic Liberation
  • “Spiritual ego” and “Spiritual materialism”
  • Dyvia and Vira Sadhana – the divine and heroic practice, etc.

Any real transformation is irreversible.”  –Nisargadatta Maharaj