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Reception Assistant

Position Description


Reception is the first point of contact for most Hridaya Yoga students and therefore plays a vital role in welcoming new people to our community. Our Reception Assistants’ thoughtful and loving attitude encourages more and more people to join our courses and begin to discover their innermost Self. Though a paid position, Reception Assistants perform their job in the spirit of Karma Yoga, selfless service for the benefit of others.

Job Summary

The Reception Assistant (RA) is responsible for providing friendly, welcoming, and efficient service to all Hridaya students. Working under the direction of the Registration Coordinator, the main tasks of the RA involve booking students for courses, meals, and accommodation and responding promptly and courteously to other inquiries. The RA aspires to live with an Open Heart and models the Hridaya Yoga Attitudes when dealing with all community members. This position is full-time; the RA works 5 days/40 hours per week.

Please note that the Hridaya Yoga Center is a non-smoking and drug-free facility. We cannot employ those with alcohol issues, who currently smoke (including tobacco or plant medicine), or who use any form of recreational drugs.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Receive new students by greeting them warmly, helping them go through the registration/payment process and accommodation check-in, and attending to their inquiries.
  • Administer all routes of reservations to ensure that bookings are made and recorded accurately, and invoiced correctly.
  • Take payments from students and record them precisely in our accounting systems.
  • Ensure that all cancellations and refunds are processed efficiently.
  • Build good relationships with students and address any complaints in a courteous and caring manner.
  • Perform general office duties, including answering the telephone, responding to emails, filing, recording information in the database, restocking the shop, etc.
  • Assist in keeping the reception area clean and tidy at all times. This includes complying with all established safety procedures, guidelines, and regulations.
  • Maintain attendance records and update our database with new student information and attendance data.
  • Keep an inventory of items in the shop and copies of printed course materials, communicating with the Registration Coordinator when these need to be replenished.
  • Assist in managing the school library, taking deposits, and recording borrowed items.
  • Keep up-to-date with pricing, policies, and special offers to provide accurate information to students.
  • Communicate with the Kitchen Coordinator and Dining Room Staff to ensure proper booking of meals.
  • Be a resource for students in regard to activities in the area and other logistics.
  • Maintain school notice boards that inform the community of upcoming events.
  • Assist the Marketing Department with campaigns related to new students.
  • Communicate effectively with the other members of the Reception Team and Hridaya Yoga Management and Staff.
  • Support continuity among work teams by documenting and communicating actions, irregularities, and continuing needs.
  • Perform related tasks as needed to contribute to the overall functioning of the school.

Desired Qualifications

A successful RA will have a pleasant personality, as this is also a customer service role. The RA must also be able to deal with emergencies quickly and effectively while streamlining office operations. This role may require working in shifts, so flexibility is a plus.

  • Mexican citizenship, permanent residency, or temporary residency with a valid work permit
  • Residency in the state of Oaxaca, ideally in Santa María Tonameca, San Pedro Pochutla, Santa María Huatulco, or Santa María Colotepec (the coast of Oaxaca)
  • At least 1 year of experience working at the front desk at a hotel, spa, or equivalent
  • Interest in practicing yoga and meditation and the desire to be a part of a blossoming spiritual community
  • Confidence using Excel and other computer programs/online software for bookings and accounting (knowledge of particular software not needed, but the ability to learn new things quickly is essential)
  • Excellent numeracy skills
  • Proven customer service skills, a friendly and professional manner
  • Ability to deal with complaints with love and detachment
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and Spanish
  • The ability to lead, follow, take initiative, and take direction and the discernment to know when each is appropriate
  • Strong organizational skills, ability to multitask, and attention to detail
  • The ability to differentiate between the role of supporting the work of Hridaya Yoga and personal objectives
  • A spirit of service, the ability to step up and perform whatever task is necessary for the good of the whole, the willingness to work flexible hours on occasion
  • Ability to meet deadlines and remain calm under pressure
  • Responsible, trustworthy, patient, humble
  • Open-hearted, communicative, personable, enthusiastic
  • Commitment to spiritual transformation

Commitments and Benefits

This role is full-time.

Our benefits package includes:

  • Monthly stipend of $10,000 MXN
  • Legal benefits (prestaciones de ley)
  • Private health insurance
  • Meals
  • Free enrollment in the Hridaya Yoga Modules
  • Paid time off to participate in one 10-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat every 4 months
  • Other benefits

Important Considerations

Working at the Hridaya Yoga Center is a unique opportunity to learn authentic approaches to meditation and Hatha Yoga in a safe, nurturing environment. If you don’t feel a calling for inner transformation, please don’t apply. It would be a pity to take the place of someone who is genuinely longing for such a path. Similarly, if a contemplative style of Hatha Yoga doesn’t resonate with you, please don’t apply.

Morning Meditations

Hridaya Yoga aligns with the traditional yogic view that inner transformation arises from consistent spiritual practice. Hridaya Meditation is a form of Self-Inquiry, and it’s the primary tool we use to reconnect with the infinite depth and intimacy of our being. While living in the joyful Hridaya Community in itself may appeal to you, we believe that it’s impossible to deeply purify the subconscious mind, heal the psyche, and experience true freedom without a daily spiritual practice. Without constant Self-awareness (and the meditation practice that leads to it), there can’t be any real success in life. Such fulfillment ultimately means performing harmonious and efficient actions without being bound by them.

Therefore, daily (Monday to Saturday) participation in our one-hour morning Hridaya Meditation is an integral part of your commitment. This shouldn’t be seen as a compulsory rule but as a support for your inner transformation. When the reconnection with the Heart happens, such commitment becomes effortless and natural, bringing stability and trust in your real being.

Noble Silence

To support Self-awareness, we honor noble silence at the Hridaya Yoga Center every morning until 11:30 am. This means avoiding both inner mental chatter and outer talking. Of course, sometimes speaking is necessary to perform our tasks harmoniously. In such cases, we whisper.

Apply Now!

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