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Hridaya Yoga Mexico Program Department
Administrative Coordinator Job Description 


The Program Department’s Administrative Coordinator furthers Hridaya Yoga’s mission to share the teachings of the Spiritual Heart by supporting our teaching staff and ensuring the effective implementation of all courses. Though a paid position, the Administrative Coordinator performs their job in the spirit of Karma Yoga, selfless service for the benefit of others.


Two people oversee Hridaya Mexico’s Program Department—an Administrative Coordinator, who focuses primarily on the administrative needs of the department (as described below), and a Teacher Development Coordinator, who focuses on creating systems to support the professional and spiritual development of teachers as well as on developing additional core offerings. The Administrative and Teacher Development Coordinators work closely with the Hridaya Board and each other to meet the needs of the department harmoniously. Both positions report to the Head of Operations.

The Administrative Coordinator is the main point of contact for teachers at the Hridaya Center and oversees the scheduling, administration, and quality of all programs—including modules, workshops, retreats, and specialized courses. The Administrative Coordinator manages a team of teachers to achieve desired goals and objectives and leads in a manner that is coherent with the Hridaya Yoga Attitudes and Community Vision.


  • Coordinating the administration of all yoga courses, retreats, and workshops at Hridaya Yoga Mexico
  • Creating monthly teaching schedules and the annual program calendar (with guidance from Hridaya Board Members, the Teacher Development Coordinator, and the Head of Operations)
  • Working closely with the Teacher Development Coordinator and the Head of Operations to recruit teachers, review teacher applications, make staffing decisions, and onboard new teaching staff
  • Contacting all teachers biannually to invite them to teach at the Hridaya Yoga Center
  • Being the main point of administrative support for the teaching staff actively serving at Hridaya Mexico
  • Training and managing Program Department Karma Yogis (when applicable)
  • Facilitating teachers’ meetings and preparatory meetings with Module Mamas/Papas and Retreat Coordinators
  • Recruiting, training, and managing the 49-Day Retreat Coordinator, Workshop Coordinators, Module Mamas/Papas, teachers, Retreat Coordinators, Karma Yoga Retreat Coordinators, Dark Room Coordinator, Seva Day Coordinator, and other departmental staff as needed
  • Engaging teachers in ongoing service projects for the Center and the Program Department, managing their time and providing support and oversight as needed
  • Providing administrative oversight and support of specialized courses such as the Hridaya Teacher Training Course and the Karma Yoga Immersion Course
  • Overseeing the process of running workshops, which includes receiving and reviewing applications from potential Workshop Leaders, confirming and scheduling workshops, communicating with Workshop Leaders, liaising with the Communications Department, scheduling Workshop Coordinators, and providing administrative assistance to ensure the harmonious presentation of all workshops
  • Working closely with members of the Board to oversee the creation of teaching materials for use in Mazunte and by international teachers
  • Maintaining a clear line of communication with the Program Department at Hridaya France by scheduling monthly meetings, sharing and/or collaborating on the creation of materials, keeping them up-to-date on curricular changes and best practices, etc.
  • Managing the creation and updating of internal course manuals and materials
  • Overseeing the Program Department channels of communication, including the email account, MailChimp templates, and WhatsApp groups
  • Approving supplementary extracurricular events and overseeing the creation of the monthly events calendar
  • Reviewing and analyzing feedback reports for all courses, writing a quarterly report on findings to share with the Board, Head of Operations, and Head of Administration, including recommending adjustments to support an environment of continuous improvement
  • Supporting the Teacher Development Coordinator in organizing continuing education opportunities for teachers (quarterly teachers’ days, etc.)
  • Overseeing the preparation of halls, designated Program Department storage spaces, and the Program Department bulletin board, including posting the monthly course and events calendars
  • Maintaining an inventory of Program Department materials
  • Preparing the monthly shopping list in coordination with the Head of Operations
  • Overseeing the department’s Google Drive to keep materials organized and up-to-date
  • Liaising with the Communications Department to ensure all courses are listed on the website in a timely and appropriate manner and include current information; requesting the posting of the course schedule on the website at least 10 days before the start of each course cycle
  • Supporting the Communications Department in implementing projects that involve Hridaya teachers and/or teachings
  • Performing other tasks as assigned


  • Hridaya Yoga teacher (required) with at least 2 years of teaching experience (highly desirable)
  • Mexican citizen or permanent resident (highly desirable); successful applicants without legal work authorization will be required to go through a regularization process to obtain a temporary visa with work permit
  • Strong commitment to Hridaya Yoga’s mission and vision
  • Ability to make a 1-year minimum commitment to the position
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English (required), proficiency in Spanish (desirable); a thoughtful, inspiring communicator with exceptional interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work effectively in collaboration with diverse groups of people
  • Proven organizational abilities with the skills to engage and inspire staff, manage and support efficient work teams, and create efficient systems for the smooth overall functioning of the department
  • Strong problem solving, time management, and project management skills
  • The ability to lead, follow, take initiative, and take direction and the wisdom to know when each is appropriate
  • A spirit of service, the ability to step up and perform whatever task is necessary for the good of the whole
  • Humility, maturity, discernment, enthusiasm, openness, integrity, responsiveness, and the presence to remain calm under pressure
  • Aspiration, a commitment to personal practice and spiritual transformation
  • The desire to be a key member of the Hridaya Community and the commitment to bringing all activities of daily life into the practice of living with an Open Heart


The Administrative Coordinator can expect to work full-time (5 days per week, approximately 6 hours per day) and will be open to working additional hours to support special events or when the need arises.

Please note that the Hridaya Yoga Center is a non-smoking and drug-free facility. We cannot employ staff members with alcohol issues, who currently smoke (including tobacco or plant medicine), or who use any form of recreational drug.

Our benefits package includes:

  • Monthly stipend
  • Annual bonus
  • Health insurance
  • Eligibility to eat all meals served at the Center
  • The accrual of 2 vacation days per month
  • Paid time off to participate in one 10-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat every 4 months
  • Paid time off to participate in one 3-day workshop per year
  • Free enrollment in the Hridaya Yoga Modules (attendance may be flexible and must be coordinated around the administrative workload)
  • After a minimum of 6 months of service, eligibility for a free 3-day stay in the Hridaya Yoga Dark Room (time off will count against accrued vacation days)
  • In addition, serving a noble purpose and living in the presence of those who share the same spiritual values and have similar aspirations for Truth and Awareness is an ineffable, unforgettable gift


To apply, please send your résumé or CV and a letter of intent describing how your skills align with the position to David at