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Hridaya Yoga Dining Room Coordinator Job Description


Hridaya Yoga’s Dining Room exists in order to support our students as they participate in yoga and meditation courses. A gathering place for the community, the Dining Room is a hive of activity and interconnection, a place where people practice integrating spirituality into daily life. As such, its proper management is vital in supporting aspirants on the path of the Spiritual Heart. Though a paid position, the Dining Room Coordinator performs her/his job in the spirit of karma yoga, selfless service for the benefit of others.

Job Summary:

The Dining Room Coordinator is responsible for the overall operation of Hridaya Yoga’s kitchen. This includes food purchasing, receiving, and preparation, as well as maintaining quality standards for safety, sanitation, and cleanliness. The Dining Room Coordinator works to create the best dining experience possible for students while optimizing profits for Hridaya—thus enabling us to serve more people. The Dining Room Coordinator oversees a team of staff and volunteers in order to achieve desired objectives in a harmonious way.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Planning weekly menu, choosing a variety of nutritious, appealing, easy-to-prepare vegan meals and ensuring that food is properly prepared
  • Working with the Karma Yoga Coordinator and the Student Services Manager to recruit volunteer kitchen staff for ongoing positions as well as short-term additional help needed during Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreats and at other busy times
  • Training, scheduling, and managing kitchen staff; leading weekly Dining Room staff meetings
  • Controlling a budget and ensuring that costs fall within projected levels
  • Purchasing food/supplies and keeping accurate financial records
  • Working at least 4 food preparation shifts in the kitchen per week and filling in as needed during busy periods and to support efficient operations
  • Setting the tone for the Dining Room, resolving staff conflicts, rallying the team during busy shifts, inspiring service and attention to safety
  • Reducing waste by preparing appropriate amounts, ensuring that proportions served are correct, and reusing leftovers as possible
  • Establishing high food safety standards and train all Dining Room staff on appropriate ways to prepare, store, and dispose of food; train all staff in appropriate standards of cleanliness and sanitation
  • Ensuring that the entire Dining Room area (including all appliances and cooking equipment) is cleaned on a regular schedule and that all equipment is well-maintained and kept in excellent working condition
  • Creating a welcoming environment for students and listening to student feedback, problem-solving as needed
  • Maintaining good relationships with vendors and seeking new vendors as needed to assure quality and improve profitability
  • Managing the creation of an organic food sourcing strategy so that fresh and healthy produce can be sought while contributing to the support of the local community

Desired Qualifications:

  • Meditation and yoga practitioner (required), Hridaya Yoga experience (highly desirable)
  • Ability to make a minimum 6-month commitment to the position
  • A strong interest in and talent for vegan cooking
  • Experience working in a professional kitchen (highly desirable)
  • Good verbal communication skills in English and proficiency in Spanish (required)
  • Excellent budgeting, numeracy, organizational, and scheduling skills
  • Attention to detail, the ability to accurately record income and expenses
  • Stamina, the ability to stand on your feet for many hours near hot cooking elements; the ability to reach, bend, stoop, and lift up to 50 pounds
  • Excellent leadership skills and the ability to effectively communicate with and manage a variety of people from different backgrounds
  • High standards of hygiene and thorough knowledge of food safety protocols
  • Experience working in a fast-paced setting while remaining calm
  • Honesty, trustworthiness, friendliness, maturity, discernment
  • The ability to lead, follow, take initiative, and take direction and the discernment to know when each is appropriate
  • A spirit of service, the ability to step up and perform whatever task is necessary for the good of the whole
  • The ability to differentiate between your role in supporting the work of Hridaya Yoga and your own personal objectives
  • Aspiration, the commitment to your own spiritual transformation
  • The desire to be a part of a fast-growing spiritual community

Commitments and Benefits:

The Dining Room Coordinator can expect to work full-time (5 days per week, approximately 7 hours per day) and will be open to working additional hours to support special events or when the need arises.

Please note that the Hridaya Yoga Center is a non-smoking and drug-free facility. We cannot accept volunteers with alcohol issues, who currently smoke (including tobacco and plant medicine) or use any form of recreational drug.

Our benefits package includes:

  • Stipend of $6,000 MXN per month
  • Three communal meals Monday- Saturday.
  • The accrual of 2 vacation days per month
  • Paid time off to participate in four 10-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreats per year (to be taken every 4 months)
  • Paid time off to participate in one 3-day workshop every 6 months
  • Free enrollment in the Hridaya Yoga Modules (attendance may be flexible and must be coordinated around the administrative workload)
  • After a minimum of 4 months of service, the Dining Room Manager is eligible for a free 3-day stay in the Hridaya Yoga Dark Room (the time off will count against accrued vacation days)
  • In addition, serving a noble purpose and living in the presence of those who share the same spiritual values and have similar aspirations for Truth and Awareness is an ineffable, unforgettable gift

Apply Now!

To apply, please send your résumé or CV and a letter of intent describing how your skills align with the position to karmayogacoordinator@hridaya-yoga.com.