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Hridaya Yoga Digital Marketing Coordinator

Position Description



The Marketing Department at Hridaya Yoga exists in order to help share the teachings of the Spiritual Heart. As such, all marketing efforts are formulated from the idea that through increasing the profile of Hridaya we are helping more people begin to discover their Divine Essence. Though in a paid position, the Digital Marketing Coordinator performs their job in the spirit of Karma Yoga, selfless service for the benefit of others.

Job Summary

The Digital Marketing Coordinator is responsible for the effective management of the marketing, advertising, and promotion of Hridaya Yoga Mexico. Working with the guidance of the Head of Business and the Board of Directors, the Digital Marketing Coordinator designs an overall marketing plan for the organization and oversees all aspects of its implementation. The Digital Marketing Coordinator supervises a team of collaborators, volunteers, and consultants in order to achieve desired objectives.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Lead and develop a marketing team that creates strategies and executes new concepts, campaigns, and partnerships to increase the profile of Hridaya Yoga and therefore help spread the teachings
  • Gather input and manage expectations from other key staff members to develop marketing strategies that align with the fundamental values of Hridaya Yoga
  • Conduct research to determine potential new markets and perform outreach internationally and in Mexico
  • Deepen relationships with media contacts to encourage the publication of articles about Hridaya Yoga in Mexico and internationally
  • Develop relationships with hotels and other businesses in the Mazunte/San Agustinillo area, as well as in other key centers in Mexico
  • Collect feedback and analyze insights from students, local community members, and via online relationships in order to improve the effectiveness of Hridaya’s marketing communications, program offerings, and outreach activities
  • Lead the development and maintenance of the Hridaya Yoga website, including emphasis on both SEO and UX
  • Analyze data to generate key recommendations around website optimization
  • Lead all  areas of content generation and production across all media platforms
  • This includes:
    • Taking overall responsibility for brand management and enhancing the Hridaya Yoga profile
    • Preparing online and print marketing campaigns
    • Writing and formatting the monthly Hridaya Yoga newsletter
    • Generating accounts on appropriate retreat booking websites and ensuring positive collaborations with these agencies
    • Publishing regular blogs and articles on the Hridaya Yoga website
    • Designing and distributing print ads, event posters, brochures, calling cards, and publications
    • Creating promotional and educational videos that support and share the Hridaya teachings
    • Monitoring Tripadvisor ratings and responding to reviews as appropriate
  • Develop and lead digital marketing strategies in order to promote online offerings and increase online traffic and conversion rate (registration):
    • Conduct social media audits to ensure best practices are being followed
    • Maintain a digital dashboard of different social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Zoom, etc.)
    • Create, maintain, and update listings on Hridaya’s digital media channels (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
    • Conduct research on digital platforms for on-demand and live-stream projects
  • Ensure all messaging in advertising materials and on the Hridaya websites is consistent and accurate
  • Manage the marketing budget and perform a close analysis of return on investment
  • Collaborate with other departments within the organization in order to further marketing goals and enhance the overall functioning of the community
  • Maintain effective internal communications to ensure that the entire Hridaya staff is informed about marketing objectives and campaigns
  • Create and implement a plan to publicize and support the activities of Hridaya teachers teaching internationally
  • Collaborate with Hridaya Yoga France to establish an international marketing strategy, coordinating timelines and aligning marketing activity across all channels to ensure consistent messaging

Desired Qualifications and Attributes

  • Meditation and yoga practitioner (required), Hridaya Yoga experience (highly desirable)
  • Ability to make a minimum 1-year commitment to the position, beginning with a 3-month trial period
  • Previous experience in all aspects of devising and managing a solid marketing strategy and measuring return on investment, ideally in a multilingual, multicultural environment
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and Spanish (required)
  • Strong organizational skills and the ability to work methodically and think strategically
  • Proficiency in WordPress
  • Proven experience as a webmaster or web developer
  • Knowledge of web analytics and SEO
  • Experience in managing a remote team based in different countries
  • Experience developing and implementing engaging and fun social media campaigns
  • The ability to lead, follow, take initiative, and take direction and the discernment to know when each is appropriate
  • Fluency in analytics programs (Google Analytics, Facebook Business Manager, etc.)
  • Proven ability to manage and motivate staff and to delegate tasks
  • Creativity, persuasiveness, enthusiasm, desire to innovate
  • A spirit of service, the ability to step up and perform whatever task is necessary for the good of the whole
  • The ability to meet deadlines and remain calm under pressure
  • Strong analytical and project management skills
  • The ability to differentiate between the role of supporting the work of Hridaya Yoga and personal objectives
  • Aspiration, a commitment to spiritual transformation
  • The desire to be a part of a fast-growing spiritual community

Commitments and Benefits

The Digital Marketing Coordinator can expect to work full-time (5 days per week, approximately 6 hours per day) and will be open to working additional hours to support special events or when the need arises.

Please note that the Hridaya Yoga Center is a non-smoking and drug-free facility. We cannot accept staff members with alcohol issues or those who smoke or use any form of recreational drug (including plant medicine).

Our benefits package includes:

  • Stipend (amount depends on experience and length of commitment).
  • The accrual of 2 vacation days per month, plus eligibility for an additional 20 days of paid leave when making a minimum 12-month commitment.
  • Paid time off to participate in one 10-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat every 3 cycles (a cycle consists of a 5-7 week period, subject to the Hridaya calendar, and includes one yoga module, one 10-day retreat, and 2 workshops).
  • Paid time off to participate in two 3-day workshops per year.
  • Free enrollment in the Hridaya Yoga Modules (attendance may be flexible and must be coordinated around the administrative workload).
  • After a minimum of 4 months of service, the Digital Marketing Coordinator is eligible for a free 3-day stay in the Hridaya Yoga Dark Room (the time off will count against accrued vacation days).
  • In addition, serving a noble purpose and living in the presence of those who share the same spiritual values and have a similar aspiration for Truth and Awareness is an ineffable, unforgettable gift.

Start Date

The ideal start date for this position is on or before July 1, 2020. This position is based in Mazunte, Oaxaca, Mexico. However, due to global travel restrictions, it is possible to start the trial period remotely. 

Apply Now!

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