What is Self-Awareness?

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What is Self-Awareness?

By Hadi Beyrouti

Self-Awareness is the experiential knowledge of our being—a knowledge beyond the mind that comes from the clarity of Being itself.

Self-Awareness is the essence of all spiritual practice and awakening. A moment of awareness being conscious of itself is the first step to an awakened life.

But what is it that awakens? What are we aware of in Self-awareness?

Although seemingly empty at first glance, Awareness has concealed within its depths the greatest mystery—the mystery of Being, the truth of God.

In Self-Awareness, it is God that awakens as the very ground of our being. We sense it as a clear feeling of being more and more awake, beyond words and ideas. 

That which we give our attention to flowers over time, and a simple moment of recognizing what being awake is, is enough to melt away separation… for a moment.

Yet, the arising of the mind is imminent, and we again walk the line of thought and separation. But now that we know the way, we feel freedom, and we have the conscious power of attention within us. Before, we did not know. Now, we can choose.

We know that the way to the Truth is through Self-awareness. Continuous devotion to the mystery within. The obstacle? The tendency of the mind towards delusion.

But with absolute sincerity and patience, we can shift the home of our sense of reality from mental ideas to the immediacy and simplicity of that always-present Awareness. And, the more of ourselves we offer it, the more it stirs in us. The more awake we become. It’s an awakeness that is full of meaning and sacredness.

Our Self-aware eyes are full of wisdom, their gaze as ancient as eternity and as compassionate as love itself.

When we rest devotedly in our own silence, what is revealed is the presence of all creation.

The essence of who we really are.

Hadi is a Hridaya Yoga teacher serving at our center in France.

Explore this concept more in our 10-part Free Online Course in Self-Awareness with Sahajananda.

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